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50 years of MB-trac: limited anniversary items now available in the shop.

As a flexible and reliable partner, the MB-trac has shaped entire generations of farmers. It has now been half a century since this exceptional tractor unit revolutionised working on fields and beyond.

Celebrate the anniversary of an unmistakable original with us and bag yourself a souvenir from our limited MB-trac collection from your Unimog dealer and service partner!

Cult things take time!

Wow! We are very pleased that our exclusive anniversary collection is so popular with the MB-trac fan community – unfortunately, given the high demand, most items are already sold out after only a short time. However, our team is already working on restocking the online shelves with the popular items (unfortunately, with the exception of the limited edition beer mug!). When you can access them again, we will give you the go-ahead on this page immediately. Until then: thank you for your patience.

Anniversary straw hat

Take a bow! Take a bow for the MB-trac with us – with sun protection that is a must-have on any tractor. Connoisseurs recognise each other by the unmistakable lettering on the ribbon.

Anniversary sunglasses

Going easy on the eyes: with sunglasses from the MB-trac collection, you will no longer be dazzled and will also look dazzling.

Anniversary polo shirt

Reach for the star: with our fashionable anniversary polo shirts, you can wear the icon of German automotive culture on your chest and show support for your favourite tractor.

Anniversary T-shirt

An image for tractor units: our anniversary T-shirt says more than a thousand words. Show your appreciation for the power pack you trust.

Anniversary knit fleece

When you need to warm up: You can defy cold temperatures with our fleece. For proud Mercedes fans who appreciate what a legendary tractor unit can do. Features the MB-trac logo on the back.

Anniversary beanie

Are you obsessed with performance? With our anniversary beanie, the MB-trac not only takes centre stage in, but on your head.

Anniversary model

Do you like to have the MB-trac close to you at all times? So that you don't have to sleep next to the big machine, we offer a handy version for the bedside table. Or for young MB-trac fans in the family?

Anniversary beer glass

October to Easter: there is always time for a beer. Raise a glass to the MB-trac with us. However, don't overdo it and enjoy drinking from this 0.5-litre glass responsibly. Remember: don't drink and drive!

Anniversary floor mats

More than down to earth: with Genuine MB-trac floor mats, you will no longer slip. And in addition to dirt and moisture, our limited-edition occupational safety inlay also keeps noise and vibrations from your neck, or: feet.

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