Genuine sunblind for
Unimog implement carriers.

Parts kit

Mercedes-Benz genuine sunblind for Euro VI Unimog implement carriers.

The genuine sunblind from Mercedes-Benz offers optimum protection against direct sunlight to ensure that the driver is not dazzled. At the same time, it also helps maintain a pleasant temperature in the cab.

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts

All-round package.

All-round visibility even in the sun.

The sunblind ensures greater safety in Euro VI Unimog implement carriers. The parts kit fits perfectly on model series U 218 through U 530. Durability and reliability are guaranteed by the proven Genuine Parts quality.

Clear view and greater safety.

One component, two advantages: the dark sunblind protects Unimog drivers against direct sunlight shining into the cab. Their eyes stay relaxed and the view of the road remains clear. That means greater safety in road traffic – for you and other road users. At the same time, the sunblind also slows down the heating up of the vehicle interior by filtering out sunlight.


The sunblind comes with all components for the installation. This saves additional orders having to be placed and also installation time, thus preventing unnecessary downtime. Totally worry-free. Put your trust in the know-how of the Mercedes-Benz experts and have the sunblind installed directly by your Unimog service partner.

At a glance

Benefit from the advantages of the genuine sunblind.

  • A perfect fit
  • Includes small parts
  • Tested durability and reliability
  • Optimum protection against direct sunlight
  • Filtering out sunlight ensures slower heating up of the vehicle interior
  • 1 year warranty

Part number

Find the right part.

Your lucky number: the appropriate part number in the Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks range.

  • Parts kit for genuine sunblind

  • A 000 811 23 10