Mercedes-Benz genuine wiper blades
for Unimog implement carriers.

Replacement part

Always clear view thanks to wiper blades for Unimog implement carriers.

Unimog drivers have a full overview thanks to the panoramic cab. To ensure it stays that way in wet weather, the genuine wiper blades are optimally matched to the window profile, icy and hot temperatures. Important: during frequent and heavy-duty use the wiper blades must be regularly checked and replaced where necessary, as is the case for all wear parts.

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts

Durable and clean.

Top quality for November weather and extreme conditions.

The Unimog is a workhorse that is out and about in all weathers. In all the complex applications mastered by Unimog drivers with their vehicles all over the world, a good overview of everything is essential – even when it's raining. The genuine wiper blades from Mercedes-Benz reliably ensure a clear perspective.

An eye on the mission at all times.

Thanks to their high-quality materials and workmanship the genuine wiper blades produce a completely streak-free wiping pattern. At the same time they also minimise annoying wind and wiping noise, enabling Unimog drivers to focus fully on their mission.

At a glance

Familiar quality from Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts.

  • Optimally matched to the window profile
  • Streak-free wiping pattern
  • Minimised wind and wiping noise
  • High-quality materials and workmanship
  • Durable, even in heat and frost

Plenty of reasons to choose a Genuine Part

Why does Mercedes-Benz quality pay off? See for yourself.


Part number

Find the right part.

Your lucky number: the appropriate part number in the Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks range.

  • Wiper blade for U 300 / U 400 / U 500 (up to ID no. 209497)
  • A 405 820 00 45

  • Wiper blade for U 300 / U 400 / U 500 (from_ID no. 209498)
  • A 405 820 04 45

  • Wiper blade left for U 2XX / U 318 / U 4XX / U 5XX
  • A 405 820 05 45

  • Wiper blade right for U 2XX / U 318 / U 4XX / U 5XX
  • A 405 820 06 45 64