Welcome to paradise.

ScaleART builds high-end Unimog models.

Which child – or adult, for that matter – wouldn‘t want to spend a night here to be able to look at everything in peace and quiet, to be amazed and stroll wide-eyed through the workshop? Don‘t touch anything, of course! We are talking about the ScaleART Manufactory in Waldsee, Rhineland-Palatinate. Here, south of Mannheim, around 30 employees are busy all year round making true holy grails - yes, real gold treasures so to speak.

The benchmark in model making.

The family-owned company produces high-end vehicle models at a scale of 1:14.5. They are mainly truck models and include tractor units, semitrailer tractors, low loaders, tippers and construction machinery. The biggest hit of all is the extreme off-road Unimog of the 437 model series in different variants. If you haven‘t seen a ScaleART model in real life yet, you haven‘t experienced what’s possible in model making.

The big within the small.

The team, led by Managing Director and company founder Bernd Brand, has perfected model construction in a way that is unrivalled worldwide. Each of the countless individual parts of a metal Unimog model weighing just over five kilograms is reconstructed and rebuilt in the same way as the original part. Even the unmistakable vehicle frame of the Unimog model corresponds to the original down to the smallest detail.

ScaleART distinguishes between floor and functional models. One has no gearbox and electronics and is made for the display case, the other features a specially produced remote control, drive, sound module with real Unimog sound and, of course, fully functional lighting for use on the model-maker‘s construction site.

Implementing like in real life.

Three-way tipper vehicle, remote-controlled Palfinger loading crane, front and rear power lift – there’s nothing here that doesn‘t exist in the life of a real Unimog. The incredible thing here is that vehicles with a loading crane have remotecontrolled supports that then automatically level the vehicle as in real life - hydraulically with an oil pressure of 15 bar. Logical.

As it is with the original accessories list, you can buy what your heart desires from the ScaleART online shop: Trailer couplings, various grabbers for loading cranes, auxiliary headlights, diesel tank with AdBlue tank, plough blade. Browsing and indulging in the ScaleART world for a while transports you into a world that only a few scale measurements away from real life.

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