The love of the three-pointed star
right from birth.

Master carpenters surprise their sons with cots in Unimog style.

"Nothing but the best" - that is the well-known standard of Mercedes-Benz. Or, regarding trucks: "Trucks you can trust". With a twinkle in their eyes, but with a great deal of motivation, Daniel and Jens Reichert have built very special furniture for their children, with these basic principles in mind. The result is unique wooden cots with a Unimog look: flexible, robust and high-quality, just like the original.

An idea gets moving.

In summer 2019, the Reichert family were expecting two babies. The two brothers, who manage their parents' company as master carpenters, became fathers for the first time – only six weeks apart. As they are professionals in a traditional trade, with a particular focus on building high-quality bespoke furniture, both of them naturally wanted to furnish the nurseries for their sons Lukas and Bennet themselves.

There was no lack of ideas for the heirs' cots. "The decision phase really escalated," Daniel Reichert reminisces with a laugh. The men's brainstorming also considered the Zetros, but putting it into practice would have been too long for a standard child's mattress.

Big examples for small boys.

The Mercedes-Benz fans finally agreed on the Unimog as a design model. "I managed to find a blueprint of the Unimog U 5000, built in 2008. This model was closest to the shape of the Unimog U 1300, which we used to admire on the neighbouring farm when we were children," Daniel Reichert says to explain the choice. "I took the old blueprint and used CAD software to make a 3D scale model, and based on that we developed our prototypes," says Daniel Reichert. He and his brother are both carpenters and joiners of the third generation, and together they put almost 100 hours of work into their idea.

My son sleeps really well in his new Unimog cot.

Daniel Reichert, Carpenter

It was worth all the effort. "My son Lukas moved out of his parent's bedroom into his own domain and he sleeps very well in his Unimog cot," says Daniel Reichert. No wonder really: thirty-six-year old Daniel and his brother Jens paid loving attention to detail when they designed the cots.

From the bumpers to the dashboard and the bonnet which opens to provide space for cuddly toys and favourite books, the mini trucks really do justice to their big models. The bars of the cots fit in with the overall picture too, as they were styled on a tarpaulin and hoop body. And the Dads thought ahead: when the children are old enough to jump out of bed themselves, the bars can be removed.

Quality right from the start.

The enthusiasm for everything with a Mercedes star has its roots in the Reichert brothers' childhood. "Our family car was a G-Class, and it was a trusty companion and workhorse for towing heavy trailers. The solid sound of a G-Class door closing still brings back happy childhood memories. Up to today, we've always had Mercedes-Benz in our fleet," says Daniel Reichert. "We couldn't justify having a real Unimog until now, so that's why the next generation is getting it as an introduction to the world of vehicles," says the young father.

The special trucks in nursery format are ready for everyday use. One red, one blue – the bodies of the Unimog is made of TransColor boards, a type of wood that has been prestained and yet allows the natural grain of the wood to show through. The perspex windscreen perfects the Unimog look.

Although the youngest members of the Reichert family will have to spend a long time growing before they can sit behind a real steering wheel, it's probably only a question of time until they follow in their fathers' footsteps. Until then, they can sleep soundly in their specially made Unimog vehicles and dream of a real drive.

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