The gentlemen of the roads.

Travis Perkins plc in London, building materials merchant, raises safety standards with the Econic.

In London, Europe's third-largest city, the traffic is always heavy. Despite British politeness, it is a big challenge for everyone going about their daily business there. Consideration and safety awareness are important conditions for ensuring that things "keep running" in the big city. This factor spurred builders' merchants Travis Perkins to add another Econic to their fleet

A strong shoulder to bear heavy loads.

Waste pipes, building machinery, cement, etc. – Travis Perkins builders' suppliers ensure that construction sites in the whole of London get the right material on time. Not an easy job, to put not too fine a point on it. The staff behind the steering wheel who have to make their way day by day through the bustle of the capital have to deal with many major challenges. The new 6x2 Econic 2628LL aims to make their job as easy as possible.

"The Econic is ideal for use in urban surroundings," says James Taylor, fleet manager for Travis Perkins. "In cities everyone normally has to share narrow roads – trucks and cars, cyclists and pedestrians," James Taylor continues. If you want to make life safer for everyone, you don't insist on your rights at all costs, instead you look left and right.


Thanks to the Econic, being considerate is made as easy as possible. The low lines of its panoramic windscreen and the fully glazed co-driver door provide almost complete all-round visibility. The driver benefits from this comfortable all-round vision which makes it easier for him or her to see vulnerable cyclists straight away, for example. A lower sitting position than usual in construction vehicles means that the driver is at the same height as other road users.

The Econic 2628 LL belonging to Travis Perkins was retrofitted with a camera system. The areas that the driver cannot see personally from the driver's seat are covered by front, rear and side cameras and displayed on a monitor in the cab. The Sidescan® system also emits an audible signal if a cyclist approaches.

The Econic is ideal for driving in cities.

James Taylor, Fleet Manager, Travis Perkins

However, having a good view of the traffic is only half the story. Other safety features from the Mercedes-Benz range are what makes the special truck the impressive overall package which inspired Travis to buy their third Econic for their fleet.

The safety assistance systems of the Econic at a glance.

Impeccable efficiency.

The technical details of the Econic leave nothing to be desired. Low entry, driving seats with air suspension and a steerable rear axle provide enhanced manoeuvrability to make life easier for the staff of Travis Perkins. The chassis of the new Econic was equipped with a platform body from Massey Truck Engineering of Sheffield and a rear-mounted crane from HMF with a lifting capacity of 14 metres.

"When we bought our Econic, Wellingborough Intercounty Truck & Van, our long-time partner, were a great help. The Econic trucks are ideally adapted to our requirements," says James Taylor. So it is no surprise that a fourth Econic was ordered, also painted in the company colours of green and gold, to support the crew in London's hectic traffic.

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