Safety times 22.

The London-based construction and engineering company, Kilnbridge is investing in a fleet of Econic trucks to ensure greater safety.

What could be better than a Special Truck from Mercedes-Benz? 22 of them! That's why the British construction and engineering company, Kilnbridge has bought a whole fleet of new Mercedes-Benz vehicles. With these modern trucks, the London-based company wants to increase the safety of its own drivers and other road users in everyday operations. A task to which the Econic is perfectly tailored thanks to its DirectVision concept.

Kilnbridge chooses vehicles bearing the three-pointed star.

At Kilnbridge, the Mercedes-Benz A model series is now represented by several Actros 2545 StreamSpace tractor units with 330 kW (450 hp) and five Arocs 3240 vehicles, of which four have a Hyva hook lifter and one with a semitrailer. A large part of the new fleet is made up of 18 tonne versions of the Low-Entry Econic. With its panoramic windscreen, co-driver's door with large windows and low seat position optimised for on-road use, this special truck has safety in its genes.

But the Econic is not only safe but sustainable. This is because all 1827L variants with 200 kW six-cylinder engines (272 hp) and Mercedes-Benz PowerShift 3 automatic transmission save fuel and reduce emissions – thus, in comparison with the previous fleet, the construction company is now scoring green points for the environment.

Fourteen of the new Econic trucks are equipped with skip loaders and Kilnbridge also operates one vehicle with a platform for building materials from Sterling GP. With this equipment, the vehicle is one of the first of its kind and has already been presented as a highlight at the "Freight in the City" show.


The Econic meets all demands.

The purchase of 22 new trucks was a huge financial investment. However Kilnbridge took it in their stride because the London-based company wants to fulfil its responsibility to ensure the best possible operational safety. "We work in accordance with the highest possible safety standards," says Thomas Barrett, Director of K-PLANT, Kilnbridge's plant and equipment services.

Instead of replacing just four dump trucks as originally planned, Kilnbridge was quickly impressed by the competence and strengths of Mercedes-Benz vehicles while searching for new vehicle solutions and quickly opted for greater safety and ergonomics twenty-two times over. All Special Trucks don't just promise the highest standards, they maintain them too. This is also ensured by the competent experts at S&B Commercials, the Mercedes-Benz dealership, which assists Kilnbridge with maintenance and value retention.

We chose the Mercedes-Benz Econic because it sets standards with
regard to ergonomics.

Thomas Barrett, Director of K-PLANT

Thomas Barrett is particularly impressed by the generously sized windscreen and the glazed folding door on the co-driver's side. These guarantee an excellent field of vision when on the road. The driver is at eye-level with pedestrians and cyclists which fully complies with the high degree of safety that the company expects of a vehicle. The K-PLANT Director is also impressed with the body solutions: "Hook lifters and skip loaders are remote controlled which makes work less dangerous for our drivers as they can change containers at a safe distance."

For Thomas Barrett, the ergonomic design of the Econic is a facet of the safety considerations made to drivers and also well thought-out. The advantage of the Low-Entry Econic: its low-floor cab with a driver's door which opens wide. "This provides for excellent ease of entry. This reduces the risk of injury to our drivers, particularly injury caused by slipping when drivers repeatedly enter and exit the vehicle on construction sites."

A diverse range of applications; always with the greatest benefit.

The new special trucks at Kilnbridge aren't just impressive in theory. They have also proved themselves in practice too – in very diverse areas of operation within the building industry. The Mercedes-Benz vehicles are on the road in London, involved in everything from transportation jobs to disposal operations for commercial and industrial customers, and for construction and demolition companies in particular.

Taking responsibility: Kilnbridge is committed.

Founded in 1992, the construction and engineering company implements large-scale projects in the fields of aviation, energy, railways, commerce and retail trade. At the headquarters in London and in other subsidiaries in Belfast and Northampton, managers and employees are involved in the "Safety in Action" programme and other initiatives for increased safety.

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