Logistics experts on the apron.

At Frankfurt Airport, two Econics deliver cabin equipment to the aircraft.

Even the world’s largest airliner gets its newspapers delivered by a Mercedes-Benz: the Econic 2630 carries out the cabin equipment supply work for the Airbus A 380. At Frankfurt Airport, two vehicles with scissorlift body recently began operation for WISAG Aviation Service Holding, an airport services specialist.

Fits them all: Econic scores with low vehicle height.

The two Econics are deployed to supply aircraft on the apron, for example with passenger blankets and cushions, as well as magazines and newspapers. The Econic’s great advantage is its low-frame concept. In combination with the low cab available ex factory, it has an overall vehicle height that enables a transfer height of approximately 2 400 to 8 300 millimetres. This allows it to deliver supplies to virtually all current aircraft types.

As the Econic cab fits beneath almost every aircraft, the cabin can be equipped quickly and easily without any complicated manoeuvring.

Spares environment and staff.

In addition to delivering supplies to aircraft, the vehicles with their scissorlift body can operate as ‘medical lifts’ for wheelchair users and to transport persons on stretchers.

Ready in seconds for firefighting with Econic.

“The investment has definitely been worthwhile, as the design of the Econic 2630 not only makes it efficient but also environmentally friendly. Thanks to its improved safety technology, the new Econic also eases the daily workload of our staff when making deliveries to aircraft at Frankfurt Airport,” says Hartmut Meyer, General Manager of WISAG Aviation Service Holding. The company’s core business comprises supply and disposal services for airports and airlines, predominantly staffed by its own employees. They particularly appreciate the Econic’s low-entry concept. Its convenient access enhances safety at work and helps to keep the employees fit.


Important safety benefits.

There is outstanding visibility of the airport apron thanks to the large, panoramic windscreen as well as to both sides. Visibility is further improved by cameras for a 360-degree all-round view and the so-called blind-spot camera system.

The Econic is equipped with automatic transmission as standard. This means that the driver can concentrate fully on the traffic situation, which additionally benefits safety on the apron.

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