Smart de-icing of countersunk runway lighting.

Unimog U 427 with Kahlbacher body.

In airport service work, the Runway Light De-Icer (RLD) handles the de-icing of countersunk runway lights. And in doing so, it is especially economical. Its precise spraying technology minimises the consumption of de-icing fluid.


Sensors control the automatic spraying process.

The targeted and compressed expulsion of the de-icing agent can prevent the formation of dangerous rings of ice around countersunk runway lights and thus reduce the risk of damage to aircraft.

At the same time, users of the RLD minimise their consumption of de-icing agent as a result of the precise spraying technology which it features. Upon activating the device, a height-adjustable sensor bar at the front of the vehicle automatically positions itself in relation to the surface which is to be de-iced. During driving, countersunk runway lights are detected by means of a purpose-designed sensor bar and the signal is transmitted to the spraying system at the rear of the vehicle.

Depending on the driven speed, the de-icing agent is expelled via a 1.5-metre-wide jet spray in a targeted manner in the area of the countersunk runway lights. An audible monitoring tone informs the Unimog driver when lights have been detected and when spraying is in progress. If required, the spray button can be actuated manually to initiate an additional spraying cycle.

In the video: The Runway Light De-Icer ensures ice-free countersunk runway lights at airports.

Robust equipment for tough winter service operations.

The RLD is based on the Unimog and features a PE storage tank with protective cover and visual level gauge. What's more, it is also equipped with a protective mechanism to prevent the pump running dry and a corresponding warning display. A rotating beacon on the rear trim makes the RLD easily visible to airport personnel.

All components involved in conveying the de-icing agent are made of corrosion-resistant materials, while the basic frame and spray bar are hot-dip galvanized and painted. A hose cabinet avoids dirt getting into the hydraulics system.

The Runway Light De-Icer is therefore ideally equipped to cope with adverse weather conditions at the airport.

Thanks to swap bodies, it is also ready for year-round use.

Besides de-icing as part of winter service operations, the Unimog is also a multi-functional vehicle which is highly suited to other fields of application. Accordingly, the Kahlbacher swap body can be easily replaced by another body solution if required.

Mowers, snowploughs, spreaders or snow blower-cutters: the flexible vehicle concept makes the Unimog a true all-rounder for year-round operations at airports.

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