Unimog highlights at interairport 2017.

Kahlbacher and Dammann present their de-icing technologies.

At the 2017 interairport trade fair, the Unimog demonstrated itself as the ideal base vehicle for innovative body solutions. The Runway Light De-Icer (RLD) from Kahlbacher was also celebrating its premiere in Munich. Meanwhile, bodybuilder Dammann was also exhibiting a Unimog U 530 with airport de-icing system.


Runway Light De-Icer from Kahlbacher.

As part of Interairport, certified Mercedes-Benz Unimog ExpertPartner Kahlbacher presented the new Runway Light De-Icer based on the Unimog U 427 for the first time to the specialist visitors.

In airport operations, the RLD handles the de-icing of countersunk runway lights. And in doing so, it is especially economical. Its precise spraying technology minimises the consumption of de-icing fluid.

Smart de-icing of countersunk runway lighting.

Unimog U 530 with airport de-icing system from Dammann.

The Unimog U 530 equipped with a Dammann body features a 4000-litre reservoir as well as a working width of 12 or 24 m. The expulsion of the salt solution for surface de-icing is controlled either manually or by means of the fully automatic GPS-monitored "Section-Control" software. With a pump output of 500 l/min, the Unimog achieves an application rate of between 5 and 50 g/m2 at a speed of 5 to 50 km/h.

Airbus de-icing by Unimog.

Efficient working with the Unimog 365 days a year.

The swap bodies from Kahlbacher and Dammann are ideal for turning the Unimog into a multi-functional vehicle. Besides de-icing as part of winter service operations, the Unimog is also highly suited to other fields of application. If required, the body can simply be swapped and the vehicle is ready for the next task! Mowers, snowploughs, spreaders or snow blower-cutters: the flexible vehicle concept makes the Unimog a true all-rounder for year-round operations at airports.

Interairport in Munich.

As an international trade fair for professionals from the airport equipment, technology, design and service branches, every two years, inter airport draws in numerous specialist visitors to the Messe München exhibition grounds.

In 2017 the inter airport trade fair took place for the 21st time. It was divided up into four topic areas: interRAMP (ground handling and machines), interTERMINAL (terminal equipment and services), interDATA (specialist hardware and software) and interDESIGN (architecture and interior design).

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