Airbus de-iced by Unimog.

Electronically controlled Unimog de-ices runway.

The Airbus plant at Finkenwerder uses an airport de-icer based on a Unimog U 530. Since the plant near Hamburg includes a facility for the planes it builds to take off and land, Airbus has to ensure regular flight operations are maintained. Large numbers of Unimog vehicles are helping in that task.

Combatting icy surfaces with „Section-Control“ software.

The Unimog U 530 featuring an airfield de-icer provides a 4,000 l tank capacity and operates with a working width of 24 m. The salt solution is distributed either manually or in fully automatic mode with GPS monitoring. The body is supplied by Dammann in Buxtehude, a specialist in the nozzle technology which is key to the spreading of fluids.

Fitted with the Dammann system, the Unimog can work at speeds up to 50 km/h. All working widths and spray functions are controlled from an Isobus terminal. An ergonomic multi-function joystick in the cockpit enables the delivery rate to be controlled and monitored during spreading. The pump, control unit and hydraulic and pneumatic assemblies are protected inside the body structure. There are no electrical components in the fluid guidance system or on the nozzle holders, meaning reliability is enhanced.

The "Section-Control" software with integrated plan view automatically shuts off the spray nozzles when the de-icer runs over an area that has already been sprayed, or one that is not to be treated.

Apron tanking to plant firefighting with MBS support.

Because Mercedes-Benz has a long-standing tradition at Airbus, there are also various other Unimog in operation – for example at combatting icy surfaces with brine sprayers or for winter services with Kahlbacher snow-ploughs.

And the Econic is also present at Finkenwerder. A low-entry Econic apron tanker provides full tanks of the planes. And an Econic fitted with a Bronto Skylift is used by the plant firefighting crew.

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