Econic sweeps Iceland's
largest airport.

Econic cleans the airfield at Keflavik Airport.

Iceland isn't just the most peaceful country in the world, it's also the one with quite probably the most breath-taking natural scenery of all. It's not without reason that the Nordic island state attracts many tourists every year – around ten million arrive via the country's largest international airport alone: from Keflavik, which is located on the south-western tip of Iceland, around 40 km south-west of the capital Reykjavík, 28 airlines have been flying to and from Iceland since
last summer.

In order to meet growing customer requirements, an additional terminal is currently in planning. The expansion of the airport entails major works. Fortunately, there is already an Econic on-board to lend a helping hand: the special truck from Mercedes-Benz with its sweeper body has been keeping the airport's apron and taxiways clean for over a year now.

Teamwork: Econic with sweeper body.

The airport's operator Isavia brought the Econic into the team and is more than happy with its decision. The company is responsible for the operation and development of all airports in Iceland – including Keflavik International Airport. And at the country's largest international airport, operations never stand still. Especially important to avoid accidents during take-off and landing: the safety and cleanliness of the asphalt. These are the criteria that drive the Econic in its daily operations.

Vienna airport uses Natural Gas Technology.

Special attachments for special tasks.

The Econic isn't only used for sweeping. A further function is the removal of dangerous metal foreign bodies on runways, taxiways and the apron. This is an important task whose execution makes a significant contribution to aviation safety. For this reason, the Special Truck was designed specifically with a permanent magnet bar at the front. This magnetic beam reliably picks up magnetic objects across a working width of around 2400 mm, which could otherwise be sucked in by aircraft turbines and thus cause damage.

The conversion of the Econic into a sweeper was carried out by bodybuilder Aebi Schmidt. It is a dual sweeping unit with a circular broom and a suction shaft on each side of the vehicle. In order to create space for the sweeper between the axles, the diesel tank, exhaust system and compressed-air reservoir were moved behind the Econic cab prior to the conversion work being carried out.

Always a clear view of the runway.

Isavia is very happy to know that the important cleaning work at the airport is in the capable hands of the Econic throughout the whole year. In order to guarantee high vehicle availability all year round, the Mercedes-Benz Bilaumbodid Askja dealership and local Aebi Schmidt dealer Aflvélar are competent local partners who not only delivered the vehicle but also take care of the after-sales service. The team in Iceland are already convinced of the high safety standards in the Econic. The special truck's DirectVision cab with panoramic windscreen provides great all-round visibility and the driver can therefore always keep the many other vehicles and airport personnel on the tarmac in sight at eye-level.

The low windscreen is especially advantageous when working with the magnet bar, allowing the driver a good view of the working area. Added to this are the ergonomic advantages for the crew of up to three people in the low-entry cab which also relieves strain on the team who can enter and exit the vehicle several times a day unhindered.

The low entry was one of the main reasons why we chose Econic – but also the good forward visibility, which is important
when working with the magnet.

Guðjón Arngrímsson, Operations Manager at Keflavik Airport

Isavia's Econic at a glance.

  • Econic 1830 (4x2), wheelbase 3900 mm
  • Euro VI engine version, 220 kW (299 hp)
  • Allison automatic gearbox
  • Lane Keeping Assist and Active Brake Assist 3
  • Folding door on co-driver's side
  • Body: Aebi Schmidt SK 660 sweeper
  • Front attachment: Aebi Schmidt PMB 2400 permanent magnet bar
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