Unimog strengthens the airport fleet.

Istanbul's airport uses the Unimog for winter service operations.

Atatürk airport's operator "Devlet Hava Meydanları İşletmesi" (DHMI) searched for a long time for a winter vehicle which can also cope with narrow roadways. The Unimog finally provided the answer to their troubles. Thus they ordered three Unimog U 527 vehicles equipped with snowplough and de-icing machine.

Utmost professionalism is required.

At airports, the processes have to run smoothly to ensure that everything else runs according to the plan – and that's also true in winter, even in tough climatic conditions. If snow and ice threaten to block the runways, the airport's staff and emergency vehicles must demonstrate utmost professionalism. Operator of Istanbul's Atatürk airport, DHMI was still looking for this level of professionalism in a winter vehicle until recently. Tight curves or low headroom under bridges – the trucks previously in use there weren't up to the challenge.

Unimog and attachments as the perfect combination.

Now DHMI has found the optimum vehicles. Since the beginning of the year, three Unimog U 527 trucks supplement the fleet of Istanbul's airport. Each of the compact implement carriers is equipped with a snowplough and de-icing machine from Giletta. Expert staff from the certified Unimog Koluman dealership mounted the bodies at the plant in Turkey.

The Turkish airport operator DHMI concludes: "The comprehensive solution offered to us perfectly suits our requirements." And this enthusiasm has also been backed up by a subsequent order. DHMI has already ordered a further ten Unimog U 527 vehicles.

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