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Construction machinery service with the Unimog.

He is a construction site worker through and through. And no-one there knows more than him: Jürgen Kleineidam is the founder and boss of KBM Baumaschinen in Creglingen in the Main-Tauber district. He learned his trade from the ground up: it all began with his training as a concrete worker. He has worked in all weathers. He can recall some good times on the construction sites of his home town of Aurach in Middle Franconia. That is also where he developed his love of all manner of construction vehicles and heavy machinery. His workplace has long since become much more comfortable: he commutes between two executive chairs, one in his office and the other in his silver-grey Unimog U 430.

Specialist for special equipment.

The Kleineidams are a real family-run company: the father, mother, son and daughter all deal with their customers' needs. A vibrating plate here, a wheeled loader there. A heavy chain excavator over there, a lightweight mini excavator over here. Whether it's private builders or colleagues in the trade who need a piece of special equipment at short notice, there are many different types of customer. "We've even had a dentist who had a digger sent to his property", explains Jürgen Kleineidam.

Whereas the machines used to be delivered by a semitrailer truck, the Unimog now leads the vehicle fleet. "Driving through the forest with the tractor/semitrailer combination to an open-air photovoltaic site – that was anything but ideal", Kleineidam explains. But it was quite a while before we got our highly manoeuvrable and flexible Unimog. "It was pure coincidence.

On holiday we stumbled across an agricultural show by chance. My wife and daughters were looking at the horses. My son and I were drawn to the machines. We'd looked at everything you can think of by the time my son discovered the Unimog. 'That's exactly what we need', he said."

Project implemented with Unimog general distributor partner:
Kurt Herold GmbH & Co. KG

Perfectly fitting solution.

Family Kleineidam came together and had a discussion. Several times, in fact. And when the Würzburg Unimog general distributor Herold made them an offer they couldn't refuse for the tailor-made U 430, the decision was clear: the semitrailer truck had to give way to a Unimog. For KBM Baumaschinen, who deliver and collect within a radius of 200 kilometres, the decision was worth it: "The Unimog pulls everything we have to pull." The height-adjustable Scharmüller coupling is therefore the key feature of the new U 430.

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