Business decisions based
on practical experience.

As a former truck driver, transport company owner Cris Calina relies on the Econic.

From driver to Managing Director: Cris Calina has achieved his dream of owning a company while remaining true to his passion for trucks. In the meantime, his company has "come of age". In 2002 the Briton started his business with just one vehicle; now 35 trucks transport wet cement in his name throughout the south-east London area. He makes his business decisions based on his own practical experience. Recently he bought a new Econic cement mixer – the sixth in his fleet. Because he is completely convinced of the benefits of the Mercedes-Benz Special Truck.

After only a short time at the wheel of the Econic, it was clear to our drivers just how much better visibility is and how much less stressful the job is as a result.

Cris Calina, Managing Director, Cris Services Group

Econic impresses drivers.

Admittedly, not all his drivers were convinced from the very beginning. With its low-entry design, for many, the Econic differs considerably from the classic image of a truck. Initially several of his drivers reacted to this with scepticism, Cris Calina remembers. However, "After only a short time at the wheel of the Econic, it was clear to them just how much better visibility is and how much less stressful the job is as a result."

More than just a cool look.

The Econic is defined by an overall concept that focuses on the safety of the crew and other road users. The low entry with its two steps reduces the strain on those getting in the cab and saves time. The low panoramic windscreen and the fully glazed folding side door on the Econic provide for an extensive, direct view of traffic and construction site workers. Together with the seat position which is much lower than in a typical construction vehicle, this means that the driver has direct eye contact with cyclists and pedestrians at junctions or in queues.


London is a fan.

It's not just the vehicle's design that makes the Econic a safety specialist, but its equipment too. Numerous safety assistance systems are available and the Econic is equipped with the emergency braking technology, Active Brake Assist with pedestrian detection as standard. The umbrella organisation Transport for London which co-ordinates London's traffic system has awarded the Econic a five-star rating in the Direct Vision category.

The future of driving is in connectivity

Intended for use.

Just like the other Econic trucks at Cris Services, the new truck is a 3235 L which is powered by a 7.7-l six-cylinder engine with 260 kW (354 hp). While the older vehicles drive with an Allison six-speed automatic transmission, this most recent model is equipped with a 12-speed version of the fuel-saving Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated manual transmission. Managing Director, Cris Calina chose equipment that he would have liked to have as a driver.

Thanks to the steered trailing axle, the Econic also has a surprisingly good turning circle – a huge advantage when manoeuvring during inner-city operations.

As is the case with its predecessors, Cris Calina has had a mixing drum from Schwing Stetter with a volume of 8 m³ mounted on his new Econic to transport wet cement – for safe storage and fast loading and unloading.

Well-proven power.

In addition to the all-round view, Cris Calina has also chosen the all-round service with his Mercedes-Benz Econic. Although his company has its own workshop operation where the Mercedes-Benz Trucks could be maintained on site, the Managing Director always procures complete service contracts and puts his Econic and Arocs trucks in the expert hands of the customer service team at Sparshatt Truck & Van. Because the dealer who regularly helps Cris Calina when buying vehicles has always provided him with nothing less than a "highly professional service".

He has never been disappointed in his Mercedes-Benz vehicles. "Our first Econic has now been on the road for several years and has proven its worth," he tells us. Cris Calina's approach of making decisions based on his own experience as a driver works very well. If business continues to grow, it probably won't be a long wait for the next Econic.

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