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The best decisions are those that just instantly feel right. For Andrei Balean, owner of Best UK Transport, it was years of working on a building site and economic arguments that made the choice in favour of the Mercedes-Benz Econic the obvious one.

Good experience.

When his company needed another concrete mixer for building sites in and around London, it became apparent to Balean that there would soon be another Econic in his yard: “In our line of work, no other truck can keep up with the Econic,” he says. “As always, Mercedes-Benz combines reliable, economical performance with comfort and fantastic visibility from the cab.”

Over the course of two decades in the transport industry, Balean has developed a preference for vehicles that meet his high standards: After working as a driver for ten years, he established Best UK Transport in 2011, bought an Econic with an McPhee Mixer and later an 8x4 Arocs tipper.

Seriously impressive manoeuvrability.

He bought his new Econic 3235 L from Peterborough-based dealers Intercounty Truck & Van. The new truck is equipped with an 8m³ drum from Schwing Stetter and bears the livery of Hanson UK- Balean’s most important customer. Picking up from the concrete giant's depot, he delivers to buildings sites all over London.

Its configuration makes the Econic perfect for use in city centres and on building sites. Single front steering axle, dual drive bogie and rear steering axle: This gives it an impressively tight turning circle and manoeuvrability that no other building site vehicle in this weight class can match.

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Safety assured.

The Econic also boasts impressive safety features such as excellent all-round visibility thanks to the low panoramic windscreen and the fully-glazed retracting door. Its low seating position gives the driver direct eye contact with other road users, in particular cyclists and pedestrians.

Clear views for stress-free driving.

To see one is to know one – and that means less stress: “The low seating position and great field of vision make driving on busy city streets much less stressful for us,” Balean explains.

Driving is an even more relaxing experience thanks to Active Brake Assist 5, which has a pedestrian detection function. The vehicle also comes with an electronic brake system that is activated automatically when the engine is switched off. A 360-degree camera system rounds off its safety package.

Thanks to its 360-degree camera system, this Econic is the most future-proof vehicle on the market.

Andrei Balean, Owner, Best UK Transport

The best - guaranteed.

Another plus point is the Econic’s powerful 7.7-litre six-cylinder engine: it delivers a powerful 354 hp and is combined with the fuel-saving 12-speed Mercedes PowerShift 3 manual transmission. All new Econic vehicles sold through the Mercedes-Benz UK dealer network also come with a three-year or 160,000 km warranty. And the Econic also has future potential: it was designed to also meet more stringent HGV regulations over the long run.


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The all-round, carefree safety package.

The Econic is thus the perfect package for haulage activities in London. Balean knows that the combination of manoeuvrability, safety and its warranty makes the Econic the best choice for his company. He ought to know: he sits at the wheel of his Mercedes-Benz vehicles every day."

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