Get off the beaten track.

The Zetros in the construction industry.

At the Daimler Truck AG demonstration grounds in Ötigheim, an old metal plate with white letters reads "Test site – danger of death!”. Dust swirls in the background. A yellow Zetros 6x4 roars past. Potholes, mud holes and extreme slopes are no match for this powerful off-road giant as it tirelessly makes it way across even the toughest terrain.

A robust working companion.

Thanks to its outstanding off-road properties, the effectiveness of this striking, star award-winning truck has been tried and tested on large construction sites around the world. The Zetros was developed and built for markets outside of Europe, where there is a great need for transport and where many routes are underdeveloped. The combination of its off-road capability, robustness and high load capacity makes Zetros the perfect solution, while its engine technology in the emissions categories Euro III and Euro V means that it can also handle fuel grades that don't meet European requirements.

Forwards without compromise.

Mercedes-Benz has combined the traditional bonnet concept with the tried-and-tested chassis and drive technology of its heavy-duty truck series as well as a clever cab design. The positioning of the cab behind the front axle means that the Zetros offers maximum driving comfort even on poor roads and off-road, while at the same time maintaining a high level of transport performance. And without compromising on safety.

Outstanding features under its bonnet.

But the Zetros does not compromise on performance either: Depending on the variant, the off-road vehicle has between 360 hp and 510 hp under its bonnet. A six-cylinder inline engine with turbo charger and a displacement of just under 13l are also installed. This ensures a low nominal speed and high performance over a wide speed range. The very good poor fuel compatibility and PLD injection system are two more Zetros highlights. Together with the increased engine power, the improved brake system of the new Zetros allows vehicle weights of up to 40t and truck-trailer weights of up to 120t compared with the previous generation.

Made for the construction industry.

The Zetro’s solid, robust chassis is a must, especially in the construction industry. The outstandingly designed interplay of high-performance chassis components ensures fast and safe driving on poor roads. A heavy-duty, flexible and twistable frame, based on the Arocs ladder frame for the construction industry, enables the safe transport of heavy loads even off road. What's more, the Zetros also boasts shock-absorbing features to create a comfortable driving experience as well as even axle load distribution, both when the vehicle is empty and when it is loaded.

In addition, the axle suspension using wide-gap parabolic springs and a two-stage gearbox ensure sufficient traction on loose ground and on ramps with a gradient of up to 80%. The synchronised 16-gear manually operated gearbox and the cable-controlled gearshift with gearshift assistance make the Zetros a true off-road truck.

The 6-gear fully automatic gearbox from Allison will soon be available to make operation for the driver even easier.

A range of set-up options – easy to install.

In addition to its pure chassis variant, the Zetros also has standard uses as a semi-trailer truck and tipper truck. As it naturally performs its service on the construction site primarily as a tipping vehicle, the basic version of the vehicle can be fitted with specially pre-assembled brackets on the side members for screwing on tipper installations. These mounting parts for tippers (code C5J) are pre-assembled on the vehicle frame and are available ex works. This simplified installation option saves time and costs. The off-road truck also has a fording capability of up to 800 mm ex works. This means that neither deep mud nor floodwater can stop it.

Duck down!

With an entry height of up to 50cm lower than that of conventional trucks such as the Arocs, the Zetros is perfect for use on construction sites. Easier entrance and exit makes heavy work in the construction industry a safer, more pleasant experience.

Where conventional trucks reach their limits, the Zetros simply keeps on driving: Due to its relatively flat design, it can pass through obstacles such as low bridges, gates and tunnels as well as alleyways. The vehicle's low height means that it also comes with the possibility of a build-on cab, which is an enormous advantage for special structures such as the tipper: yet another way in which the Zetros stands out from the crowd!

Easy to drive, hassle-free maintenance, high efficiency.

The Zetros' simple and intuitive operation, long maintenance intervals and low service costs round off the overall Zetros in the construction industry concept.

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