On assignment in
the Alpine foothills.

Austrian earthworks company Erdbau Wallasch relies on the Unimog U 430 during all seasons.

Carinthia (Kärnten). The name of Austria's southernmost federal state sounds as harsh as the challenges which Erdbau Wallasch's Unimog handles throughout the year. For Markus Wallasch, who founded his company in 2013, the U 430 is already the second Unimog he relies on for his work in the Alpine foothills.

Inclines, slopes and extreme weather conditions.

Where others spend their holidays, Markus Wallasch's Unimog has to weather many difficulties. There's always something that needs doing in the Austrian municipality of Treffen and its vicinity along Lake Ossiach. "So far, we've always had to deal with at least one extreme weather situation every year in our area of operation," says the entrepreneur. And that's when he and his Unimog are tasked with clearing – for example after heavy rains, thunderstorms and floods. Apart from regular summer and winter service in villages, towns and on alpine roads, the Unimog is also used for excavation work on construction sites.

Markus Wallasch is very pleased with the versatility of his Unimog U 430. Of course, the daily challenges during the winter months are greater than usual. But for the Mercedes-Benz special truck, that's not a problem: "During each assignment, I'm fascinated by the excellent overview you have from the cabin no matter which side you're sitting on," enthuses Wallasch. During the cold season, implements such as a double-chambered spreader and a Springer snow plough with a follow-up "piano" haven proven themselves in his business.

Mowing and more in a one-man operation.

During the summer, transportation of materials such as stones, gravel and earth is part of the daily business. Carrying heavy loads from A to B is no trivial matter, but it's in the best of hands with the Unimog. The all-purpose vehicle is also capable of towing heavy construction equipment on a tandem tipper trailer or with a large flatbed trailer.

Markus Wallasch and his employees also prefer to tackle weeds and other plants with the Unimog. For mowing slopes and cutting branches to ensure road clearance can be easily handled as one-person jobs thanks to its VarioPilot® feature and hydrostat drive. "It makes work comfortable," says the satisfied owner, who bought his all-rounder from Mercedes-Benz Peissl in Villach (Austria).

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