CLOCS Champion
chooses the Econic.

British construction company wants to make London's roads safer with Econic.

Tarmac is the biggest British road construction company. But the London-based company has even more superlatives to offer – for example when it comes to the extremely high safety standards of its vehicle fleet. For the equipment of its dump trucks, the market leader in sustainable building materials and construction solutions recently won the "Tipper Safety Trophy".

The Econic meets the British CLOCS standard.

No wonder then that Tarmac relies on the Econic. The company has just ordered 25 vehicles to be used on building sites in the British capital. One reason for that: the new Econic fleet meets the British CLOCS standard. The acronym stands for Construction Logistics and Community Safety.

This strict national rule book obliges construction sector companies to specifically modify their vehicles – for example in order to reduce the blind spot, or in order to warn other road users against danger using optical signals.

Econic scores in safety concept CLOCS.

The overarching goal of these norms is to improve the safety of more vulnerable road users and to reduce the number of life-threatening accidents. And this is also the stated aim of Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks.

Electronic safety systems as standard equipment.

In order to improve safety for all road users, the Econic's standard equipment comprises an extensive security package called Road Efficiency. Among other things, this package contains the emergency braking assistant Active Brake Assist 3. The system automatically reacts to moving and non-moving obstacles with an emergency braking manoeuvre. In emergency cases, the hazard warning lights automatically switch on to warn any following vehicles. Optionally the Econic is also available with Active Brake Assist 4. This further development ensures that pedestrians are also detected by the system.

In addition, Road Efficiency comprises a highly effective acoustic warning system which communicates with sensors and cameras installed in the vehicle. This way, the Econic for example recognises whether more vulnerable road users such as cyclists are in the vehicle's blind spot or turn-off trajectory. In critical situations, optical and acoustic alarm signals alert the driver.

A cab that ensures more safety.

Apart from the Road Efficiency safety package, the very design of the Econic also contributes to the protection of more vulnerable road users. Thanks to the low-placed DirectVision cab, the driver is always at eye level with pedestrians and cyclists. Apart from that, large-surface window panels help the driver to not overlook a single detail in traffic.

Not only security but also ergonomic design is encoded in the Econic's vehicle DNA. For instance, the low-floor cab scores many points for being very easy to enter and exit for the driver. The low point of entry reduces the driver's risk of slipping and falling while frequently getting in and out of the vehicle in construction site traffic. Further arguments for the Econic: the high and wide-opening driver's door, the large surface panorama glass of front and side windows, as well as the folding door on the passenger's side with its full-height glass.

Narrow roads? No problem!

Tarmac uses its 25 new Econic vehicles on its London construction sites as concrete mixer and dump trucks. The 32-tonne vehicles are each propelled by a Euro-VI-compliant 7.7-litre six-cylinder engine with 260 kW (354 hp). The engine delivers its power via Allison six-gear automatic transmission.

The chassis of the Econic concrete mixer and dump trucks both have a single-tyre steering axle. In the rear, there are two drive axles and a single-tyre and steered trailing axle. This configuration gives the vehicle an impressively small turning radius and makes it far more manoeuvrable than a usual 32-tonne four-axle truck – a key advantage when it comes to operating on narrow streets and urban construction sites.

An evolution in urban traffic safety.

For Tarmac, this extraordinary combination of so many safety features has been the decisive factor in choosing the Econic. Because as a certified CLOCS champion, the company especially makes no compromises when it comes to safety. For this reason Tarmac even requests its contractual partners that are active on London construction sites to switch to the Econic.

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