Adaptive cruise control.

Distance control and automatic speed adjustment.

Both in urban traffic and on long-distance journeys, it requires an extremely high level of attention to comply with and constantly adapt to the relevant safety standards. The Econic adaptive cruise control provides a high degree of support for drivers by automatically checking the distance to the vehicle ahead and, if necessary, automatically adjusting the speed of the Econic.

Assistance from 15 km/h.

Although the radar-based system of adaptive cruise control is not yet a legal requirement, it contributes significantly to increased comfort and support for the truck driver. The driver can concentrate fully on the traffic – making the assistant an important contributor to increased safety on the roads. It is at the end of tailbacks that serious accidents with trucks often occur: an avoidable risk factor.

Optional adaptive cruise control on the Econic can be activated from a speed of 15 km/h and adapts the vehicle's speed – up or down, depending on the situation: when approaching a vehicle ahead, adaptive cruise control can automatically slow down the vehicle in order to maintain the pre-defined safety distance. The system also helps the driver to maintain the desired speed when the road ahead is clear. In both cases, cruise control ensures ideal adjustment to the current flow of traffic.

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