Lane Keeping Assist.

Econic Lane Keeping Assist detects the vehicle position in the lane.

Lane Keeping Assist has been compulsory for all trucks since 2015 – which is a good thing. And that's because the driver's own safety and the safety of other road users is of the utmost importance. Especially on long journeys, support from Lane Keeping Assist makes the driver's job considerably easier.

Ensuring everybody reaches their destination safely.

The camera of Lane Keeping Assist, which is standard equipment on the Econic, monitors the position of the vehicle in its lane. As this watchful eye is only there to prevent the driver from leaving the lane unintentionally, the safety assistance system does not issue a warning if the turn signals are actuated or if the brakes are applied. Also, at low speeds below 60 km/h, the intelligent warning system does not intervene.

If the truck leaves its lane unintentionally, Lane Keeping Assist draws the driver's attention to this directly. A clearly audible rattling sound is heard from the left or right speaker, depending on the direction in which the vehicle deviates from the lane. This warning is a purely audible signal – the system does not intervene by steering or braking. This means the driver is always in complete control and can correct the direction of the Econic.

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