Pre-installation for ambient
lighting for body.

Improved visibility in the dark.

Be it in firefighting or waste disposal: in the dark, conditions are completely different from daylight, yet fast reactions are just as important. To provide good visibility when the vehicle is stationary, the Econic also offers an optional interface providing the special truck with perimeter lighting for the body.

Individual lighting possible.

In the dark, the area around the vehicle must be well lit – so that everything runs smoothly even under difficult conditions. To switch on the lighting and to prevent it from being activated while driving, in addition to switching on the parking lights, the parking brake must be applied and the engine switched off.

The pre-installation comprises the switch and the wiring to the interface for the body manufacturer, who in turn is responsible for the lighting, enabling the perimeter lighting to be individually adjusted for each body.

visible-md and up (hidden-sm and down)
visible-lg and up (hidden-md and down)