Rain and light

Light and rain-dependent automatic control.

Driving in the rain or the dark requires special concentration – both in urban areas and on motorways. That is why the Econic is equipped with a rain and light sensor as standard – thus complying with the new legal requirements for a twilight sensor which came into effect in 2017.

Automatic control.

The light sensor at the front of the Econic ensures that when dusk falls, the headlamps switch on automatically. In wet weather the windscreen wipers are controlled automatically. Depending on how heavy the rain is, the sensor selects interval or constant wiping. The advantage: the driver of the Econic can leave the control of the lighting and windscreen wipers up to the vehicle – which provides essential support in bad driving conditions and poor visibility.

visible-md and up (hidden-sm and down)
visible-lg and up (hidden-md and down)