Harbour master in action.

The Unimog lends a hand to the Bayer Uerdingen e.V. sailing club when towing yachts.

Tanker, truck-mounted crane, Unimog – Theo Lufen knows almost every truck and is also at home in heavy goods transport. And that is what his club mates from the Segelclub Bayer Uerdingen e. V. appreciate so much about their harbour master. With his truck driving licence and 30 years of professional experience, he always transports the club's yachts, which weigh tons, safely to their destination. In Theo's view, the Unimog U 430 is the ideal solution for the difficult logistical job.

A case for Theo – and his Unimog.

When things get heavy and tricky, only Theo can help! His last employment: When the Oeding, a 14-metre long and 4.20-metre wide sailing yacht (X46), was to be launched again after the overhaul in the rented boat hall, the truck driver came on the scene. The 12-tonne sailing boat and its 21.50-metre mast were hoisted onto the special trailer by truck-mounted crane.

With a police escort to the port.

To cover the 20-kilometre distance from the club grounds to the Linner harbour on the Rhine near Krefeld, the Unimog general agency RKF-Bleses provided a towing vehicle befitting the occasion: The Unimog U 430 with its big 6-cylinder engine with 299 hp and rotating beacons was exactly what Theo needed. The fact that the police suddenly turned up and sat both in front of and behind the team with one vehicle each left Theo cold. He is used to a lot of flashing lights and fuss when he sits on the truck.

Cast off and into the sea.

Without any problems, the truck driver manoeuvred the club's sweetheart to the Rhine, where the 200-tonne harbour crane was already in position. And then it was time to cast off! Destination: Ijsselmeer, Holland. The Oeding was only moored there for a short time to wait for her crew. With a crew of six, she set sail this season to travel the North Sea and the Baltic Sea in a chain trip for the members.


We would like to thank the Unimog general agency RKF-Bleses for their unbureaucratic logistical support.

Frank Suchanek, Chairman, Segelclub Bayer Uerdingen e. V.

Club history with plenty of success.

The sailing club Bayer Uerdingen e. V. has 522 members and maintains a beautiful club site on Lake Elfrath. Since its foundation in 1972, the club has celebrated many successes: 56 German Championship titles, 7 European Championship titles, 3 World Championship titles, more than 80 regatta successes, participation in the Olympics (London 5th place), the Green Ribbon for exemplary promotion of young talent, the most successful sailing club in Germany, several awards of the Jubilee Cup, 5 awards for training ... The list is long and impressive. Just like the Unimog team that UGV RKF-Bleses made possible. "Thank you very much for the unbureaucratic logistical support, it helped us a lot," says Frank Suchanek, chairman of the association.

Project implemented in collaboration with Unimog general distributor:

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