Ballack, horticulture
and a Unimog

A beautiful story from Bergisches Land.

Michael Ballack had a cottage in Leichlingen when he was playing for Bayer 04 Leverkusen. He lived on Karl-Huschens-Straße – nice, but not opulent. Football star Ballack in Leichlingen, Bergisches Land – a medium-sized sensation for most of the more than 28,000 inhabitants of the ‚town of blossoms‘, as it has been known for several years. Wolfgang Lücke, however, is someone who had little time for all of that. “Football is not my thing,” he says before looking at some urgent scheduling of his brand new Unimog for the coming days.

An all-rounder for all-rounders.

Lücke is Managing director of HIM– Hilfe im Alltag (Everyday help). The company employs gardeners, landscapers, interior designers, roofers and tilers. “We are a real all-round company when it comes to renovation, garden design or landscaping.” The Unimog U 5023 truly makes work easier for the HIM team.

What‘s special about all this is that the vehicle (3,600 mm wheelbase) is the first of its kind to be equipped with a Palfinger hook system. This means that employees can change troughs, containers or flatbeds at the push of a button as needed. And with a payload of 6.5 tonnes, the new U 5023 can handle plenty of weight. Construction rubble, building materials, bulk material, wood– the Unimog moves a different load from A to B every day.

The Unimog is fast, manoeuvrable, has a huge payload and, together with the trailer, is an unbeatable combination in terms of economic efficiency.

Wolfgang Lücke, Managing director, HIM

Equipped for any operation.

At the front, the lighting of the Maxwald salvage winch can be seen from afar. Its 30 metre long steel cable has a tractive force of 6.8 tonnes. “We use it to pull trees out of the forest in winter,” says Wolfgang Lücke.

The workhorse – now with even more power.

But he has also freed an employee from an unfortunate situation when he got stuck inside the wheel loader. To enable the vehicle to carry out its operations even more efficiently, Lücke has attached a 14.4 tonne Humbaur three-way tipper to the rear.

Unimog convinces professional.

And with this combination, it is not uncommon to be sent to the construction site fully loaded: excavator and wheel loader on the trailer, 2.7-tonne mini excavator on the platform container on the Palfinger hook. This is where Lücke, a trained management consultant, comes into his own: “The Unimog is fast, manoeuvrable, has a huge payload and, together with the trailer, is an unbeatable combination in terms of economic efficiency” To prevent his favourite work tool from running out of steam too quickly, he ordered the large 240-litre diesel tank at the same time. Michael Ballack wouldn‘t mind at all.

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