Small but fine.

Contractor Guy Gregson puts his trust in the fifth Unimog in 30 years.

Guy Gregson has known and appreciated the Unimog for his whole career. On his 30th anniversary as a contractor, he treated himself to the compact Unimog U 218, a latest-generation implement carrier; and in doing so, he extended his portfolio of possible operations.

One vehicle, many different options.

Municipal contractor Guy Gregson from Hoo in Kent refers to himself jokingly as a "one-man band" when he talks about the wide range of operations he has to deal with day by day. In summer he cuts hedges, mows grass in parks and takes care of grass verges. In winter he carries out winter service operations on the roads. As a service provider he also does agricultural work: sowing seeds and baling hay is then the order of the day.

The busy Brit has tapped another important group of customers by providing delivery services. Here he works for different trading and manufacturing companies. His most important vehicle for all the jobs that have to be done: a Unimog. He most recently used a U 1600, which he covered about 300,000 km with. "Not once did it leave me in the lurch," says Guy Gregson enthusiastically.

Variable and powerful.

With the new Unimog U 218, Gregson has further expanded his options. "It's ideal for my jobs. The small but powerful machine can be used effectively; even in the smallest spaces." During everyday work, the mechanical and hydraulic implement drives of the Unimog and its front power take-off provide ideal conditions for operating a diverse range of implements.

The Unimog U 219, which has now succeeded the U 218, is the entry model for the implement carrier model series. Its design as a platform for a wide variety of bodies and attachments and its motorway suitability with a top speed of 89 km/h make the Unimog a resilient and dynamic operative vehicle.

One example is the clever VarioPilot function. With it the driver can switch between left-hand and right-hand drive in the space of a minute. That means Guy Gregson has the best possible view of the area he is working on, for example when caring for verges.

I did almost 300,000 kilometres with my last Unimog U 1600.
Not once did it leave me in the lurch.

Guy Gregson, independent contractor

As manoeuvrable as a lawn mower.

Another advantage of the Unimog U 218 with all-wheel drive is its agility: in addition to a compact cab with ergonomic interior equipment, the Unimog also has a turning circle of just 12.6 m. The fuel-saving four-cylinder engine with 130 kW (177 hp) provides for efficient use and a smooth journey. 

On assignment in winter service, Unimog convinces with versatility and efficiency.

"Forwards or backwards, the work is so easy that it feels like you're driving an oversized lawn mower," Guy Gregson says enthusiastically. A good basis for another 30 years with the Unimog.

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