Tried and started.

On assignment in winter service, the Unimog U 423 convinces even traditionalists with its versatility and efficiency.

The onset of winter with heavy snowfall! A prospect that causes serious concern for many drivers. But not for Dennis Friedrich. Together with the 25 employees of his winter service company LV Kommunal Winterdienst Gmbh, the entrepreneur gears up for work. The specialists for professional snow clearing and gritting are quick and sure to tackle snow and ice during the cold months. Thanks to their efforts, streets and pathways as well as communal and industrial grounds are safely passable for people and machines once again.

Only fairly late on in his company's history has Dennis Friedrich discovered the Unimog for himself as a reliable partner. So he's even more excited about the capabilities of his new Unimog U 423, Mercedes-Benz's all-year all-rounder. Both during winter and summer service, the Unimog takes on a wide range of tasks that would otherwise necessitate an entire vehicle fleet.

A new vehicle for new challenges.

For the company based in the German Taunus region, it's the first Unimog in their vehicle fleet. Managing director Dennis Friedrich says the acquisition had been an experiment. So far the company, founded in 2014, had been handling its work primarily with municipal tractors, which had especially been used in industrial areas.

Only once the company increasingly began taking over municipal tasks, it soon wanted a more off-road capable vehicle also suited for efficient usage on paved roads. The company was quick to decide: it should be a Unimog. For the flexible equipment carrier is not only capable of handling the most difficult road conditions, but its top speed of 89 km/h allows it to quickly reach the operation site. In addition, it's economical in use. Dennis Friedrich and his team certainly didn't regret the experiment – quite the opposite. In fact, the Unimog U 423 even surpassed the expectations placed on it.

We were surprised how well it performed in the field. Especially its speed and good all-round view convince us every day.

Dennis Friedrich, Managing Director LV Kommunal Winterdienst GmbH

The Unimog isn't afraid of cold temperatures either, and is well-equipped for use during winter.
Residents will soon be able to safely drive on the road here again.
The company logo with its blue snow crystals adorns the cab of LV Kommunal Winterdienst GmbH's Unimog U 423.
Usable under all weather conditions – the Unimog U 423 is a real all-rounder!
The Unimog isn't afraid of cold temperatures either, and is well-equipped for use during winter.

An all-round talent – in every season.

The new entry in the vehicle fleet reliably clears snow and spreads grit over a distance of 130 km during each assignment. But thanks to its multifunctionality, it's also an indispensable help to the company outside the winter season. During the summer months, the Unimog U 423 can easily be equipped with new implements (both mounted and attached) for mowing works, for example. And that's in the interest of safety: clean-cut grass strips ensure a better view of the road and fully visible road signs for all traffic participants.

Passion from tradition.

Through his family history, managing director Dennis Friedrich has been familiar with the tasks and challenges of running a professional winter service for more than 16 years. As an adolescent he carried out assignments part-time for his grandfather, who had been a provider of municipal services for more than 60 years. Today, he says, technology has advanced, particularly in the areas of weather forecasting and trip documentation.

But in the end, the truly deciding factor is still the person responsible not only for managing time and assessing the situation and weather conditions, but also operating the vehicles' complex technology. And that's why Dennis Friedrich and his father, now dedicated Unimog fans, also like to sit behind the wheel of the new Unimog U 423 themselves whenever they are called into deployment.

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