A Unimog has always been able to do what trucks can do!

Staff at the city of Nideggen's construction yard are excited about the Unimog implement carrier.

Construction yard staff didn't have to wait long. The new Unimog implement carrier was delivered to the premises of Nideggen's construction yard within four months of having placed the order. The very short delivery time compared with its competitors was a crucial decision-making criterion for Mayor Marco Schmunkamp and his team at the construction yard, as other truck manufacturers' estimated waiting times were up to a year and a half. Markus Förster from Unimog's general distributor RKF-Bleses GmbH delivered on schedule and demonstrated the technological intricacies of the new implement carrier.

With its 299 hp, six-cylinder engine and a long wheelbase, the Unimog U 530 quickly became construction yard staff's favourite. The vehicle replaced the Mercedes-Benz Arocs used in winter service, which reliably ensured roads remained free from snow and ice for many years around the hilltops and streets above the central Rur valley in Nideggen.

However, the basis for purchasing the Unimog U 530 was its multifunctionality, an element that goes far beyond mere winter service. The flexible attachment options of the Unimog implement carrier enable a variety of uses for the municipality all year round. Among other things, the construction yard is planning to adapt an irrigation system, a trench cutter and a mower unit. These steps are intended to make the fleet more adaptable and ultimately more cost-efficient.

Pleasant side effect: procurement costs of the new Unimog were significantly lower than those offered by competitors, thus relieving Nideggen's municipal treasury and giving local decision-makers more financial leeway for other, equally important projects.

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Function dictates design.

Mayor Marco Schmunkamp is excited after having jumped into the cab for the first time and having been given a brief introduction: "you can tell that Unimog has been designed to get the job done. This is evident from elements including the good view thanks to the low panorama glass windscreen on the mounting plate. In the truck, this attachment had only been indirectly visible through the kerb view mirror." Only one of many attributes where the function defines the design of the Unimog.


You can tell that Unimog has been designed to get the job done.

Marco Schmunkamp, Mayor of Nideggen


Those working hard in a vehicle every day have special demands in terms of operation and comfort. Construction yard staff can rely on the ergonomic advantages of the Unimog U 530 all year round. Above all, this includes features that focus on the driver’s health.

The spacious driver’s cab offers great freedom of movement and headroom. Full chassis suspension and the seat position behind the front axle guarantee less strain on the spine. If shocks are nevertheless passed on to the cab, the damping of the air-sprung suspension seat will compensate them.

It features an automatic weight adjustment from 50 to 150 kg and horizontal suspension that also dampens horizontal impacts. With integrated seat heating and numerous adjustment options, comfort is guaranteed even throughout longer periods of use. This makes the seat feel like it has been made personally for each driver.

Short procurement period, long-term operation.

Especially in times of supply bottlenecks, procurement of the Unimog was completed in no time. In terms of operation, however, Nideggen assumes that the U 530 will be used for a particularly long time. And rightly so: after all, 25 years and more are not uncommon for Daimler Trucks' all-rounder.

Project implemented with Unimog general distributor:
RKF-Bleses GmbH

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