On a mission
in the canton.

New Unimog reinforces fleet at the building management department of the canton of Zurich in year-round operations.

It's not the most populous canton, but the one with the greatest volume of traffic: in Zurich, the building management department has its hands full. It plans, builds, operates and maintains the canton's motorways and bridges, bridle, hiking and cycling paths as well as the federal routes by order of the Federal Office for Transport. In Zurich the Unimog is indispensable: the building management department already operates ten vehicles.

Multi-functional implement carrier for both summer and winter.

Road maintenance is particularly complex in the canton of Zurich because "all road construction has an immediate and huge effect on traffic," says Jeannot Wagner, head of the vehicle fleet at the civil engineering agency. That is why it is important to have an all-rounder for all weather conditions which is at home both off-road and on the motorway.

In addition to the snow plough, salt spreader and snow blower for the cold months, the attachments also include a front boom mower, rear crane, winch and many others. "Prior to purchasing the new implement carrier, we put together a specification sheet based on the technical requirements that we had. An invitation to tender was then issued – and the Unimog implement carrier landed in first place," Jeannot Wagner explains.

The Unimog implement carrier landed in first place.

Jeannot Wagner, head of the vehicle fleet, Zurich's building management department

Visibility is safety.

The Unimog U 427 was supplied by the Mercedes-Benz sales partner Altherr in Nesslau and was handed over to the building management department at the beginning of June. Instead of being painted all over in orange as was previously typical of the industry, the new Special Truck is white with striking design elements in bright blue and red-orange.

A matter of taste? Not really, because the vehicle design is based on the "Directive for technical requirements for road vehicles". The Federal Council of Switzerland recently decided that vehicles in road maintenance service may feature retroreflecting and fluorescent colours. "This ruling makes a significant contribution to the working safety of our staff; the civil engineering agency has been successfully using this technology for a while. As a result it is considerably easier to see and recognise the vehicle," reports Jeannot Wagner.

The Unimog U 427 from the implement carrier model series is responsible for road maintenance in Zurich.
From the drive system to the implements all of the components in the overall concept for the Unimog are perfectly co-ordinated with one another.
Snow plough, salt spreader, snow blower, thermosilo, rear crane, front boom mower, winch, impact damping system, safety barrier positioner, wood cutting machinery: with a suitable implement the Unimog can complete a multitude of tasks.
The striking colour design increases the visibility of the vehicle and in turn the safety of the municipal staff.
Before the new Unimog was purchased, the vehicle was made available to the building management department workforce for test drives. And their verdict was incorporated directly into the evaluation for the tender: The Unimog is their vehicle of choice.
The building management department in Zurich operates a total of eleven implement carriers from various weight categories.
The Unimog U 427 from the implement carrier model series is responsible for road maintenance in Zurich.

Ever-ready thanks to teamwork.

The new Unimog U 427 was supplied by Altherr, a dealership that has been selling Unimog vehicles since 1969, and will also be serviced by the service team there following its delivery to the customer. "Particularly for municipal vehicles which operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, a high level of vehicle availability is extremely important – and that is only possible with a good after-sales team," Werner Gantenbein, head of municipal vehicles at Altherr explains. So there's no holding back the building management department's Unimog U 427 in the busy canton of Zurich.

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