Quattro Stagioni.

In municipal applications, the Unimog impresses the whole year through.

Quattro Stagioni – for the majority of us, this probably conjures up images of a pizza. But something else that can cover all four seasons in a single package is the Unimog. The specialist for municipal tasks can be utilised to the full all year round. Mowing, tree and bush control, winter service operations, road sweeping: the to-do lists of towns and parishes are long but thanks to the Unimog, they can be checked off quickly and efficiently. As is the case, for example, in Salzburg.

Enriching the municipal fleet.

There's always something to do – some work is planned, some spontaneous. Be it in the heat of summer, or in the ice and snow of winter. And that requires versatile helpers in a fleet, which can fulfil a broad variety of operations. A set of tasks as if made specifically for the Unimog implement carriers.

The all-rounder impresses with its standardised hydraulic, mechanical and electrical interfaces for a variety of implements and bodies, attachment points on the frame, mounting brackets on the sides and at the rear as well as ball-point positions on the platform sub-frame make changing implements quick and simple. The vehicle can therefore be rapidly converted to suit immediate requirements, for example if winter should appear out of the blue.

In the video: Unimog in year-round operations for the City of Salzburg.

Manoeuvring in the most confined of spaces.

The short front-end dimensions, the low overall height and the narrow width make the Unimog especially manoeuvrable. With wheelbases ranging from 2.80 to 3.90 m, the Unimog doesn't just demonstrate its strengths on the road, but also in any tight spots. Thanks to the optional all-wheel steering, its manoeuvrability can be further enhanced. The most compact of the Unimog models, the U 219 model series, has a turning circle of just 12.6 m and thus offers greater competence as an implement carrier for use in tight spaces.

Short downtimes, long service intervals.

Thanks to the versatile mounted implement and body solutions available, the Unimog can be put to efficient use on any day of the year. That reduces downtime and thus saves money. What's more, modern Euro-VI engines of the latest Unimog generation have especially frugal consumption. And even in terms of vehicle servicing, the Unimog also proves to be less expensive than comparable vehicles as it is generally only subject to low maintenance costs despite its complex technology.


Designed for foreman and drivers alike.

Efficiency runs in the genes of the Unimog. But even in terms of comfort and ergonomics, the Mercedes-Benz all-rounder sets the bar high. The Unimog cab is designed to be especially ergonomic, with all of the vehicle and implement functions featuring intuitive operation. Thanks to the low front-end dimensions, drivers have an excellent view through the windscreen and down onto any implements which are mounted.

Plus, there are also a range of other technological highlights: the VarioPilot® dual-mode steering allows the steering wheel and all pedals to be moved rapidly from one side of the vehicle to the other. In combination with the optionally available glazed mowing door, users have an ideal view of the working implements, for example even when cutting grass verges. The EasyDrive synergetic traction drive makes it possible to change interruption-free between efficient driving and stepless working speeds. The powerful VarioPower® working and power hydraulics save space, weight and fuel compared with externally mounted diesel drive systems or add-on pumps.

For fleet managers, finance staff and drivers: the Unimog implement carriers offer an impressive package of flexibility, economy and comfort. A valuable partner in daily operations!

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