The Alpine carers.

There's a long-standing tradition of Unimog vehicles being used in year-round municipal operations at Lake Tegernsee.

Framed by an imposing Alpine backdrop, the parish of Rottach-Egern lies on the southern shore of the picturesque Lake Tegernsee. The beauty of nature and the amenities of the spa town attract visitors from all over the world all year round. Where others go on holiday, two Unimog trucks from the town's works yard are reliably used in all manner of operations – at any time of the year and in any weather.

Since the 1970s, the parish council has put its trust in the year-round all-rounders from Mercedes-Benz. The town has had varying numbers of the high-endurance vehicles carrying out a variety of tasks, with some having previously been used as fire appliances, whereas today's vehicles are equipped as implement carriers for municipal tasks. At present, a modern Unimog U 427 and a 40-year-old Unimog U 421 are in operation at the works yard. Depending on the requirements, "there'll be another one added to the fleet in the next few years," explains Tobias Maurer, Deputy Operations Manager at the works yard in Rottach-Egern.

Some routes have climbs of as much as 85 percent. But those are precisely the conditions in which the Unimog feels truly at home.

Tobias Maurer, Deputy Operations Manager at the Rottach-Egern works yard

A veteran and a spring chicken share the work.

According to Tobias Maurer, the two top performers – the spring chicken and the veteran truck – "together form a true multi-purpose weapon in municipal operations". In the warm season, the Unimog U 427, equipped with a modern Euro VI engine, carries out its tasks reliably around town, up in the mountains and down in the valley. And it demonstrates its broad range of operations impressively. On building sites, it transports bulk materials or gravel, and can even tow construction machinery. It can also be skilfully used with a front tipper or it can work as a support unit during asphalting operations. For the Unimog, all of these are just part of a day's work.

The Unimog impresses in municipal operation in Salzburg.

The maintenance of the numerous mountain hiking trails and the upkeep of the forest tracks are also on its agenda. The talented climber cleans up where others break into a sweat. "These routes have climbs of as much as 85 %. But those are precisely the conditions in which the Unimog feels truly at home," explains Tobias Maurer enthusiastically.

For winter use: Unimog with Kahlbach snow plough.
Great team against the winter chaos: Unimog and snow blower.
The veteran on the building yard: the reliable Unimog U 400.
A winter without snow plough - unimaginable at Tegernsee.

Huge amounts of snow? It's as if it just melts away.

With the first snowfall, the older Unimog can also show off its great shape. The oldie has a permanently installed Aebi Schmidt snow blower. And with it, it's as if the problems of the harsh winter just melt away at its feet.

Especially in the snow chaos of winter 2018/2019, construction projects in the town centre threatened to be delayed due to a shortage of snow storage areas in the densely populated area around the shore. Between the mountainous landscape and the shore of the lake there are some impressive houses, extensive leisure facilities and magnificent hotels – flattering to the eye but they result in a lack of storage space. But the Unimog coolly sorts out problems like these: every year, the town uses snow blowers to fill up trucks, which then transport the snow to the outskirts of the town. At the largest storage location two winters ago, a good 20,000 m³ of snow was collected within just a few days.

Fully equipped for mountain tours.

But the magicians of winter also make sure that the roads of the greater area remain clear – including along the access routes to the ski lifts of the Wallberg. To the south, the massif rises above the spa town and invites you to go tobogganing and skiing in the winter months. In their full winter gear, the universally applicable vehicles also clear the way there.

The Unimog U 427 is as efficient as you'd expect of the brand thanks to its hydrostatic drive, whilst its various bodies enable it to be used in a diverse range of operations: with the snow plough from Kahlbacher, the snow blower from Westa and a mounted spreader from Gmeiner, it defies and removes snow and ice. It can also rely on its trusty sidekick, the 1980 Unimog with its VF1 snow blower. Perfectly equipped with snow chains, the duo scramble to heights of up to 1000 m and smooth the way for all winter sports enthusiasts.

Thurgau's cantonal civil engineering agency uses the Unimog U 423 to keep its roads in check.

Efficient, hard-working, robust.

The employees of the works yard can rely on the ergonomic advantages of the vehicles all year round, plus the Unimog also offers economical benefits for the management team of the works yard: with the talents of the young all-rounder in frequent demand and the long service intervals of the robust vehicles, downtimes are kept low.

"The low maintenance costs play just as much a role here as the fuel-saving consumption levels," Tobias Maurer calculates. What's more, you're in good hands when it comes to advice and service: with Unimog general distributor Henne, decision-makers know they have a long-standing and reliable partner at their side. So the plus points add up to strong arguments for the multi-talented Mercedes-Benz – and have done now for over 50 years.

Relentless commitment to that holiday feeling.

Over the years, the Bavarian Unimog tradition has been built up as a result of the various vehicles demonstrating their multifunctionality and reliability. Whenever the summer sun reflects on Lake Tegernsee, whenever the well-prepared hiking trails beckon you to take a walk, and whenever a blanket of snow covers the Wallberg, the Unimog vehicles in Rottach-Egern are tirelessly at work to maintain and preserve the beauty of this Alpine idyll.

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