Bee happy.

Insect-friendly mowing by Landsberg’s council.

The roads in the district of Landsberg are looking good. It’s all thanks to the works depot’s two Unimog vehicles. With 200 kilometres of rural roads and another 200 kilometres of streets in towns within the district, it’s clear that the municipal Unimog U 500 and the additional U 530 acquired last autumn have their work cut out. Mowing, sweeping, shredding, washing roadside marker posts, winter service operations – the 16-strong team led by district works depot head Jürgen Albert is fully committed to looking after their local area. Since then, the German Unimog general distributor Henne has been a reliable partner, offering everything from advice on the right equipment to service for the building yard. “A Unimog has always been part of life at the depot,” Albert says with a smile. “It’s indispensable to the work of the local authority,” Albert, the native of Frankfurt, continues.

New mower in the year of the bee.

“As 2019 was the Year of the Bee, we decided to buy mowing components that were best suited to protecting these essential creatures.” Albert and his road maintenance team are proud of being able to work with innovative technology: “We don’t mulch the grass on the verges, we clear it with suction. But first we blow air into the grass from the side to save the insects from certain death. Then the flail mower mows the grass, which is blown straight into the trailer through a suction tube,” Jürgen Albert explains.

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MULAG mower superstructure protects biodiversity.

The mower attachment is made by MULAG. “We get on very well with it,” the depot boss adds. When it comes to insects, he knows his stuff: “If we did mulch, the rotting cuttings would prevent the flora from growing back. Some grasses wouldn’t stand a chance. And that would mean less work for the bees. Our insect-friendly mowing therefore clearly helps preserve biodiversity along our streets and roads.”

In municipal applications, the Unimog impresses the whole year through.

A team of two carry out the mowing: the driver operates the two mowers at the front. The co-driver, stationed at the special mowing door which gives a perfect view of the implements, operates and monitors the rear boom. The new U 530 has standard truck tyres. “The Continental tyres are ideal for our purposes,” Albert confirms. The Unimog has a tyre pressure control system and a front mounting plate for municipal attachments.

The vehicle has become an integral part of the municipal sector.

Jürgen Albert, Head of Landsberg County Building Yard

In the winter, a Schmidt plough is used for clearing the roads, with a Küpper-Weisser spreader (4 cubic metres) which broadcasts wet salt and salt solution in a ratio of 70 parts to 30. The U 500 acquired earlier is primarily used for verge cleaning on behalf of the local authority. It is equipped as required with a weed brush or a roadside marker-post washer. “The efficiency of the Unimog is exemplary. It spends next to no time in the workshop,” Jürgen Albert is pleased to say. And the best thing is that the bee population of the Landsberg district is even more delighted about the latest acquisition than anyone.


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