Not afraid of hard work – whatever the task.

At the Timmelsjoch pass, the Unimog works unrelentingly to clear roads and tracks.

The Passo del Rombo, the Timmelsjoch, is a pass at the border between Austria and Italy. As the only road pass of the major Alpine ridge between Reschen and Brenner, it is over 2400 m high. That means that snow is an everyday feature. If you are responsible for clearing the huge masses of snow, you need power and stamina. The Unimog takes up the challenge and bravely clears swathes.

Well equipped for winter clearing.

Thanks to numerous attachment and body solutions the Unimog provides ideal conditions for implement operation. At the Timmelsjoch, it uses a Kahlbacher snow cutter. And its performance causes a stir with residents and Alpine tourists.

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Bella figura with a snow plough too.

Especially for the work with snow ploughs, the hydraulic system in the Unimog has a snow plough relief at its disposal which transfers part of the weight to the front axle. This increases the traction and driving stability of the vehicle and reduces wear and tear on both road surface and snow plough.

A vehicle for every eventuality.

Whether it's tirelessly clearing snow or travelling to the next mission: the implement carrier from Mercedes-Benz displays impressive power with a compact wheelbase and a small turning circle. Its typically short front-end dimensions, the low overall height and the narrow width are characteristic features of the Unimog. They make the implement carrier especially productive – 365 days a year.

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