An agile all-rounder.

Unimog on its way up in Czech landscaping.

Malostroje, a company based in the Czech town of Žebětín specialises in earthworks in challenging terrain and small gardens. Managing Director Martin Šteffan has found what he was looking for in the Unimog U 430: a reliable vehicle that can simplify challenging work while reducing costs at the same time.

Tough tasks in the greenery.

About 200 km southeast of the Czech capital Prague stands Pernštein Castle surrounded by dense woodlands. Many picturesque landscape features adorn the steep slope between the romantic, royal gardens and the castle: trees, steps, walls. However, something that is frequently overlooked when enjoying this unique view is the hundreds of working hours that it has taken Czech company Malostroje to create this masterpiece. The landscaping company recently found a way to make its work much easier – with a Unimog U 430.


One test drive and it was sold.

The boss needs to be able to fully rely on the vehicles that Malostroje uses. So it was only a matter of time before Martin Šteffan took a seat at the wheel of a Unimog. He had the first chance to do so at Unimog Service Partner Croy in Rakovník, where he was given the opportunity to test drive a Unimog U 530.

Martin Šteffan recalls that there was no need for a sales meeting. The vehicle’s wide range of applications, manoeuvrability in the tightest of spaces, the engine output and the low fuel consumption completely won over the landscaper. Shortly thereafter, the company from Žebětín purchased its very own Unimog U 430 – individually tailored to landscaping applications.

For Martin Šteffan, a customised product like the one Malostroje acquired constitutes an outstanding service that would be unattainable without close cooperation between users and sales. “In our case, this cooperation was very successful,” the Managing Director said happily. The company “had never before received such a level of support as Unimog service partner Croy provided.”

We have never experienced so much support from a supplier.

Martin Šteffan, Managing Director, Malostroje

The first of its kind.

As a tractor unit, Malostroje’s Unimog U 430 is the first of its kind in the Czech Republic. The all-rounder performs a wide range of tasks: from heavy-duty transport, which the Unimog effortlessly handles thanks to its 221 kW/300 hp, six-cylinder engine, to working with specially manufactured implements like the hydraulic crane, which extends across the entire loading area of the semitrailer. The Unimog U 430 is also equipped with a powerful hydraulic system to support the implements’ functions.

“Our new tractor unit is very flexible, especially when it comes to transports”, Martin Šteffan explained. "When we need to transport smaller quantities of material, the Unimog can be used as a solo vehicle. Larger quantities can be transported either by the Unimog alone or with a full trailer."

The vehicle also provides the option of transporting a skid steer loader or mini-excavator to construction sites on the container loading area. The container body is operated by the driver from the cab of the Unimog using a joystick.

Day-to-day use.

The managing director is more than pleased that the Unimog U 430 combines its flexibility in terms of loads with outstanding speed: unlike the unwieldy wheeled tractors, it reaches speeds of up to 89 km/h on the road and a top speed of 60 km/h even when towing a semitrailer. And it does all this with comparably low consumption and maximum comfort. “This means that we can also offer our customers a low price for our service,” Martin Šteffan said.

The managing director is delighted with the all-rounder from Mercedes-Benz. In four months of operation, the Unimog U 430 has clocked up more than 7,800 km. It is in daily use for up to 14 hours and covers up to 400 km per day.

"Our Unimog U 430 works exactly how we had anticipated it. We are completely satisfied with the vehicle," Martin Šteffan reported. He sums up the popularity of the Unimog at his landscaping company Malostroje in one sentence: “If I you gave me another chance, I would buy another vehicle like that every time.”

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