Versatility as a Business Basis.

In the district of Vechta, contractor Rainer Fischer relies on three Unimog.

In the year 9 AD, a military tragedy occurred in Germania: three Roman legions, led by Publius Quintilius Varus, were caught in an ambush. According to ancient tradition, battles ensued lasting several days and covering a number of locations. In 2020 AD, researchers are still not all of one mind about whether the battlefield extended over the area of Kalkriese, near Damme in the district of Osnabrück. There is a museum there now to commemorate the battle. It's all action to the west of Lake Dümmer.

Service providers by choice.

One entirely peaceful contemporary resident of the region is Rainer Fischer. He is the third-generation owner of an agricultural contracting business in Damme. Last year he purchased three Unimog U 529 trucks. “It’s all go here as well,” he says, full of praise for the manoeuvrability and versatility of his three new acquisitions. His battlefield is the region’s farmland. His work includes spreading manure, chopping and compressing maize, building roads and paths, and smaller jobs in the forests. “We like to do niche jobs, things that not everyone does,” Fischer explains. His grandfather August started the business in 1935 and his father Heinrich took over in 1960. That same year Rainer Fischer was born.

In those days, the Fischers were reliant on a 54 hp Unimog. “54 hp in an 84 hp chassis just wasn’t enough,” Rainer Fischer recalls. Soon a more powerful Unimog arrived in the yard, followed by a U 1000. Another two Unimog vehicles were acquired from a colleague.

Perfectly coordinated: Contractor Rainer Fischer and his Unimog.

A U 1200 was used with a crop sprayer on top and the U 1500 was used for transporting and spreading liquid manure.

Fischer swears by Mercedes-Benz on the basis of the service alone: “The collaboration with Unimog general distributor Schelling is fantastic. You can even talk to someone on a Sunday if it’s urgent.” His team numbers nine employees. Meanwhile, Fischer has reduced the number of lorries he operates: “The agricultural trucks are just too big and heavy for farms. The Unimog is ideal for us.” In 2019, Fischer plumped for three U 529 vehicles, which could cope better with the ever-increasing distances involved in his work. All three are equipped with a rear power take-off shaft. Two vehicles were retro- fitted with hydraulics by Söder.

The cooperation with UGV Schelling is fantastic. Even on Sundays I can reach somebody if there's a fire.

Rainer Fischer, owner, Agricultural Engineering Fischer GmbH

Versatility of the Unimog as a business basis.

He had the three agricultural vehicles painted in opal green. “Our company colour!” One Unimog is equipped with transferable steering – known as VarioPilot®. This will be used for mulching. Another has an Agrio bodymounted sprayer for manure logistics and crop protection jobs, and is fitted with a tyre pressure control system to ensure maximum soil protection. The third member of the trio carries the manure mixer. All three have 495 tyres. In the winter, the three vehicles operate as snow ploughs and gritters.

Early risers with winter service mission.

The family firm is moving into its fourth generation, with nephew Jan Niklas Böckermann (21) set to take over as agricultural service manager. He already has his sights on completely new areas of business – using the Unimog of course. It's all go in the district of Vechta.

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