Lucky Luke.

Unimog puts a smile on a British agricultural specialist's face.

Luke Finney lives in Leicestershire in the UK and has been working as a trader, agricultural and equine specialist for 14 years. But he only very recently noticed that something was missing in the Luke Finney Plant Hire & Groundworks company over all these years: a Mercedes-Benz Unimog. "If I'd known the Unimog was this good I would have bought one years ago," admits the businessman. But, better late than never. And now Luke is the proud owner of a Unimog U 530.

Luke Finney bought his Special Truck from the Arthur Ibbett dealership in St. Neots. Luke was originally looking for a used model. But when the salesperson proposed a new vehicle to him which was perfectly adapted to his needs, the decision was a no-brainer. The first look around the vehicle got his pulse racing for the new Unimog U 530. Bingo!

Unimog U 530: pre-destined to work in agriculture.

The Brit needs a true all-rounder in order to carry out the daily groundwork and building contracts which he receives for farmyards, agricultural companies and private customers. The Unimog U 530 is the biggest of the implement carriers and is pre-destined to these types of task. The Special Truck is driven by a powerful 7.7-litre six-cylinder engine with an output of 220 kW (299 hp) and torque of 1200 Nm. An electropneumatic 16-speed transmission ensures that the tractive force is optimally transmitted in all manner of operations.

The permanent all-wheel drive system, the impressive ground clearance and the further-developed portal axles with differential locks and extreme interlocking contribute to the unbeaten off-roading ability of the Special Truck.

After having experienced the vehicle's amazing range of abilities, I can't understand why anyone in my line of work would choose anything else.

Luke Finney, trader, agricultural and equine specialist

Performance meets comfort.

Among the impressive range of equipment on-board the Unimog U 530 is the optional Central Tyre Inflation System (CTIS). This technology allows the driver to lower the tyre pressure in a matter of seconds. This minimises damage to especially soft ground – such as fields. The system isn't just fast and simple, best of all, it allows the driver to remain in the cab whilst carrying out the change. With VarioPilot®, the steering wheel and instrument binnacle can be moved from one side of the cab to the other in just a few minutes: something which is especially advantageous when mowing road verges as it allows the driver to keep the implements in sight at all times.

Unimog helping with the harvest in Salem

What's more, the front and rear of the vehicle are fitted with electrical and hydraulic connections as well as a front-mounted implement plate. On the roof, rotating beacons and additional headlamps ensure that the area around the Unimog can be optimally illuminated. Two cameras also give drivers a better view of the working area which is not directly visible to them.

For Luke Finney, a further major advantage of the Unimog U 530 is its ability to tow trailers with a gross combination weight of up to 36 t. He often couples his Unimog up to his three-axle Chieftan low-loader or a Broughan tipper trailer.


First-class. Efficient. Simply Unimog.

The Unimog is a fantastically versatile vehicle, Luke Finney tells us excitedly. His Unimog U 530 can tow all of the machinery which the entrepreneur requires for his work, and the load surface with its dropsides is ideal for transporting tools and other gear. What's more, the Special Truck offers a high level of comfort and, thanks to its broad field of vision, it greatly facilitates working with mounted implements.

Luke Finney places great importance on the sheer performance of the Unimog U 530, which he mostly needs when travelling in tough terrain. But even on asphalted roads, the Unimog impresses with a top speed of up to 90 km/h. "And in doing so, the Unimog is much more fuel efficient than an agricultural tractor," adds the contractor.

And this efficiency pays off for Luke Finney and his four members of staff. Since founding his company in 2006, the Brit has concentrated on providing first-class services for high-end customers.

In opting for a Unimog, he wishes to underline this aspiration: "The Mercedes-Benz brand image reflects perfectly the premium service that I provide to our customers."And this certainly won't be the last Unimog in Leicestershire.

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