Home in the grain fields.

Grain specialist and Unimog U 423 jointly in operation for crop protection.

In Soria, Spain, Roberto Muñoz ensures that farmers' crops are not destroyed by pests and diseases. The 33-year-old is son of a farmer family and knows, how important efficient plant protection is: On a view it can diagnose the condition of a wheat, barley or a rye field. "I spent my whole childhood on cereal fields," he says.

At Servicios Técnicos Agrarios Almazán S.L., Roberto Muñoz works with a spray system that enables the simultaneous application of various liquid products such as fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides. To apply solid or granulated products, the spreader would have to drive over the field three times, which would significantly increase the risk of damage to the vehicle and plants.

Quickly switch from the field to the motorway.

Deeply anchored in the DNA of the Unimog is its versatility. Roberto Muñoz also benefits from this, namely when switching from the field to the motorway. Or vice versa. In just a few minutes, the crop protection expert can reach the 15 hectare barley field, which is located 12 km from his company's headquarters in Villalba, via the motorway. And quickly switch to field operation there. "The Unimog is therefore the most popular vehicle among farmers," he says.

Its high ground clearance and the central tire inflation system TireControl plus of the Unimog U 423 made work easier for farmers, explains Roberto Muñoz. Since they protect the precious plants when driving on the field. With the "sand" setting, Roberto Muñoz can drive on loose ground with low tyre pressure and more contact patch. On the motorway, he can activate the "road" function - and drive safely and economically thanks to high tire pressure and small contact patch.


The Unimog is the most popular vehicle among farmers.

Roberto Muñoz, Servicios Técnicos Almazán S.L.

Exact measurement via GPS.

Arriving at the site, Roberto Muñoz drives around the property once. With this he saves the data on the extent of the field in the GPS system. He extends the sprayer boom of the AMP sprayer in full length - a full 27 metres. It then uses an on-board computer to regulate the amount of crop protection agent to be sprayed per hectare and determines the distance between the spray system and the ground.

At the push of a button, the sprayer finally crosses the field at a steady 12 km/h. The sprayer is then sprayed at a speed of 12 km/h. The route of the Unimog can be followed precisely on the GPS display. And Roberto Muñoz can ensure that no areas are sprayed twice.

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