Through town and country, and even up the mountains.

Gardening and landscaping with the U 530.

Together with his brother, Stefan Baumegger's task today is planting a customer's vegetable garden on a steep grassed area. Everything he needs for that is in his new Unimog U 530. A compact tractor, a digger, a few attachments, spades and a plethora of other tools.

Moving mountains with the Unimog

 While his brother does the preparatory work in the garden, Stefan sets back off in the vehicle: he's driving to a collection site to pick up humus for backfilling. With the Unimog – and it's tipper mounted at the back – the mountainous route is covered almost as quickly as with a passenger car. After an hour, the vehicle combination is back on-site. Around ten tonnes of humus are then tipped out. Stefan uses the changeover to the digger to grab a bite to eat. He explains that as a child he was already a big fan of the Unimog and that he spent a lot of time behind the wheel of an older model. The decision to buy a new Unimog was based on his experience that the vast majority of the time, he works alone and thus needed a perfect all-rounder.

As multifaceted and complex as its areas of application

A vehicle which can get him to hard-to-reach forestry businesses as well as through the tight streets of Vienna's inner city whenever he needs to tidy up the garden of a certain famous racing driver. Thanks to its use in winter service operations, the Unimog also offers the possibility of earning money even when the building sites and forests aren't able to be worked on. In order to be in a position to react more flexibly, and because Stefan wants to make the most of the time he has before founding a family in order to build up a solid financial buffer, he has already purchased a crane to be fitted soon on the Unimog. With it, the many orders from the building industry will be more pleasant to complete as a normal truck simply can't reach the places where Stefan regularly works.

Project realised with trader:
Pappas Holding GmbH

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