Bollwerk reaps success.

A contractor and the Unimog U 529: plant protection is their business.

Andreas Bollwerk's contractor business has a staff of 14. "Here in the region, the services we offer are our unique selling point." He took over the business from his father, Klemens, who founded it in 1974. Recently Bollwerk bought a third Unimog, a Unimog U 529 (286 hp).

The body-mounted sprayer from Agrio makes the Unimog an "unbeatable implement", says Andreas Bollwerk. He only employs one specialist in his company who concentrates solely on analysing soil and plants, and the required plant protection. His company also takes on fertilisation jobs. This requires skill – and of course experience.

Without the Unimog, we wouldn't be able to work as efficiently or as cost-effectively.

Andreas Bollwerk, Managing Director, Bollwerk GmbH

The contractor business, Bollwerk, is responsible for some 3000 hectares of land around Bocholt in the west of the Münsterland region. A sprayer towed by a tractor is also used. "However, the tractor is no match when we have to cover distances of up to 25 km to reach a destination," says Andreas Bollwerk. "We certainly wouldn't want to do without the speed and reliability of the Unimog."

The Unimog was configured in accordance with the company's wishes by a salesperson from RKF-Bleses, a general distributor: air conditioning system, hydraulic system, tyre pressure control system, K80 trailer coupling – all done. The Unimog is in operation for around 400 hours per year.

In operation as a plant protector and towing vehicle.

A Unimog U 2450 works with alongside it too – also equipped with a body-mounted sprayer. The first model, a Unimog U 1200, which Andreas' father once bought, is no longer in use. "Without the Unimog, we wouldn't be able to work as efficiently or as cost-effectively."

Grain specialist and Unimog U 423 jointly in operation for crop protection.

Andreas Bollwerk, who operates his Unimog vehicles with green licence plates, swears by another feature on his new U 529: "In the autumn, the sprayer (working width 27 metres, capacity 4000 litres) is removed and the Unimog works solely as a towing vehicle for a few weeks." That is when the well-tended crop is harvested. In the main, the Unimog is used when corn is threshed: pulling the trailer. The smart contractor is already looking forward to that: "Yet again, we will be faster than the others."

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