First kiss in front of a Unimog.

Farmer Peter was a contestant on Germany’s Farmer Wants a Wife.

Since appearing on Germany's equivalent of the British reality TV show "Farmer Wants a Wife" in autumn, virtually everyone in Germany knows Peter Ziegler from Neuburg and his treasured vehicle: a yellow Unimog 406.

With the Unimog U 406 to the bathing lake.

After already declaring his love to the Unimog as a young lad, he has now turned his attention to finding himself a partner in life. It goes without saying that the day trip he and potential love interest Kerstin made in the U 406 Cabrio to a lake for a swim truly won her over. Maybe it was the Unimog, maybe it was Peter's own charm, or maybe a combination of both – who knows? Whatever it was, the first kiss in season 17 of the successful TV show shared between Peter and Kerstin took place in front of a Unimog.

Use in crop protection.

"The filming was really fun," explains Peter Ziegler, who only took over his parents' farming business last year. He works 140 hectares of fields, where he grows potatoes, sugar beets, corn and cereals. And for as long as he can remember, a Unimog U 406 with a Schmotzer spraying body has been dutifully helping protect the Ziegler family's crops.

The 32-inch MB-trac tyres give the Unimog even greater ground clearance for working in the fields. Peter Ziegler truly appreciates the low weight of the vehicle. A further two Unimog vehicles work the fields and carry out logistics tasks at the farm.

Clique with impressive 26 Unimog.

But how are things on the love front these days? At 14, he got his first Unimog. And at 16, instead of swapping for a moped, he used to explore the region in a U 406 Cabrio with restricted output. All his friends also got a U 406 Cabrio at 16 too. "I gave everyone the Unimog virus. And even today, we take our fathers out on long road trips," says Peter. They even once went to Bibione in Italy.

Together, he and his friends have amassed an impressive 26 Unimog vehicles between them. Peter has also set up his own workshop. On the shelves, he even has four spare engines. One of his friends works in a vehicle bodyshop. They know the content of the workshop books like the back of their hands. And it was only a matter of time before the group of Unimog fans from Upper Bavaria also had the idea of paying a visit to the US Army scrapyard run by Michael Manousakis of Morlock Motors in Peterslahr – incidentally also famous from a German reality TV series. It goes without saying that the DMAX television channel responsible for the "Steelbuddys" series were keen to send a TV crew to this eventful meeting in the Westerwald region of Germany.

Peter has plenty of stories to tell – about himself, his Unimog, his personal golf course and, of course, about love – but his phone rings again: a friend of his has found a bargain 406 model.

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