Our diesel savings
are enormous.

Farmer Theißing is enthusiastic about the new Unimog U 430.

Anyone coming to Engden for the first time is in for a fright: the 420-inhabitant community shares a border to the North with the Nordhorn air/ground firing range of the German air force. This site is the largest of its kind in Germany. Even if there are the occasional bangs you won‘t find a local worrying about them these days. With the calmness you get to see in Northern Germany, as much as possible is ignored. Here, in the county of Bentheim, not far from Meppen and right on the Dutch border, they also have other things to be getting on with besides getting worked up every day.

Agriculture with tradition.

The countryside has an agricultural character. Most farms in the region are still committed to farming and cattle breeding. This includes the Theißing farm, run by Eva-Maria Theißing and her husband Volker. The family has been farming since 1745. 600 bulls are kept at Theißings. Almost alone, they ensure the company’s own biogas plant (440 kW) gets plenty of “feed”.

150 hectares of forest and around 400 hectares of arable land are also part of the family business. And when the Theißings and their four employees set off for the fields, they are joined by the recent addition of a stylish Unimog U 430 in classic green: For crop protection, substrates, grain- and maize logistics, windrowing, turning– the Unimog is used in a variety of ways.

From that point on I knew I'd have my own Unimog one day.

Volker Theißing, farmer, farm Theißing

Gripped by the Unimog fever.

“Our aim was for the Unimog to be compatible with all the equipment we use with our five tractors,” explains Volker Theißing. The agricultural engineer has caught the Unimog virus. And he caught it a long time ago: „An agriculture variant of the U 1600 was used at the company where I did my apprenticeship. From that point on I knew I‘d have my own Unimog one day.“

Fully equipped.

In March, that day finally came: the new addition to the farm is equipped with almost everything the options list offers. Hydraulic PTO, rear power lift and the ball head coupling (K 80) are a must. There is also a municipal mounting plate. It is used for weights.

Mobile wine bottling with the Unimog as a tractor.

Absolutely happy.

“Thanks to the Unimog, we save up to 18 percent on diesel compared to the tractor,” says Volker Theißing with a smile. In his opinion, the Unimog is the best decision he has taken in a long time. “It drives like a car,“ he says. Whether in the forest, in the fields or for logistics: everyone at the Theißing farm is almost dying with suspense each morning – who is going to be allowed to drive the Unimog today?

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