There can only be one.

With its versatility, driving comfort and all-round visibility, the Unimog is sure to impress.

Farmer Brian Greig from Aberdeenshire is diversified when it comes to his areas of activity - from wheat cultivation to snow clearance and fencing. There can only be one vehicle for him: the Unimog U 530. The businessman is especially impressed by its excellent driving characteristics and easy handling.

It can do whatever is asked of it.

Huge wheels rolling across a field near the Banff, about 45 miles north of Aberdeen. Their path over the farmland is smooth, in spite of their considerable size. These wheels are carrying a Unimog U 530 in Summer Nights blue evenly across the field. This all-rounder has optimal traction thanks to its maximum permissible Michelin 495/70 R24 agricultural tyres. All the while, sensitive farmland soil is protected by low tyre pressure – made possible by CTI technology (Central Tyre Inflation).

The Unimog U 530 with special metallic paint belongs to Brian Greig. The°farmer places high demands on his work equipment - it has to be suitable for many different tasks. On the 980-hectare Milbethill Farm in Banff, the Greig family grows oats, winter wheat and summer barley used in malt production. Brian Greig also works as a fence builder and has a snow removal contract with the local authority. This wide range of work puts high demands on him and his team. Fortunately, the team includes a Unimog.

One step ahead in the field race.

Brian Greig bought his blue Mercedes-Benz Special Truck in the autumn. Given how much hinged on the performance of a new commercial vehicle, he didn't want to take such a decision lightly - in the end, however, it was an easy one to make.

Lloyd Ltd, Unimog’s general representative in Newcastle-upon-Tyne - over five hours’ drive south of the Milbethill Farm - gave extensive advice to the farmer. Simon Holmes, Unimog specialist at the dealership, arranged for a one-week test drive with a Unimog U 430. I need a truck that can perform a variety of tasks under often difficult conditions with a range of many kilometres, without breaking the bank. The demonstration vehicle impressed us right from the off,“ recalls Brian Greig. Not only was the Unimog faster, but it also consumed 45 litres less fuel per day than our tractor doing exactly the same job.

To compare the two, Brian Greig put the new Unimog to the test against his old tractor: the job involved transporting manure from neighbouring farms up to six miles away before loading it onto a heap. We drove both vehicles back and forth over a couple of days. After the first day, I stopped bothering to compare the diesel consumption of the Unimog – it was so much more pleasant to drive. Very stable with excellent all-round visibility from the cab. I didn't need any more convincing.

The Unimog outperforms the tractor not only in terms of consumption, comfort and manoeuvrability. Doing 90 km/h on roads, it is also faster and more economical. And on top of that, it offers outstanding off-road capability and versatility. New purchases also come with a three-year warranty. So it’s no wonder that Brian Greig is so happy with the Unimog.

The Unimog impressed us from the off.

Brian Greig, farmer

A dream come true in Summer Nights blue – even on dark winter nights.

The original demonstration vehicle from Lloyd Ltd. was a Unimog U 430. Permanent all-wheel drive, impressive ground clearance thanks to drop centre axles and differential locks were all factory-installed. But Brian Greig wanted even more power. So he went for a Unimog U 530 with a 7.7 l six-cylinder engine, 220 kW (299 hp) and 1,200 Nm of torque. The Unimog U 530 can also handle a higher gross weight (13.5 t), which makes it perfectly suited for all the work on and around Milbethill Farm.

The Greigs' fencing company operates under the name WLB Contracts. The Unimog is also equipped for this specialised work. The front hoist and DIN plate, as well as the engine PTO, provide for use with mounted implements such as a fence post pounder, a forklift truck and a variety of agricultural equipment.

Most of their jobs are done close to the farm, but the work regularly involves the company’s three- and four-person teams going further afield. It’s good that the Unimog is very fast. A 250-litre fuel tank is also available for long jobs far away.

In autumn, when Brian Greig sows the winter wheat, it gets dark earlier. To ensure that work can continue all the same, the Unimog is equipped with a lighting pack featuring bi-xenon headlamps and additional LED units on the roof and on the sides of the cab.

Separating the wheat from the chaff.

After its arrival in the autumn, the Unimog was immediately used to bring in the harvest. With a front mower attached to the mechanical PTO shaft, this is just another day in the office for the all-rounder.

That said, specialised tasks need special attachments: for example, the Unimog U 530 from Lloyd Ltd was fitted with a special device for harvesting grain. It has a reversible function that blows the chaff out of the aspirated wheat. This kind of special equipment, tailored-made to the demands of Unimog customers, are what make the difference. In the far north of Scotland, the Unimog separates the wheat from the chaff – in the true sense of the word.

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