Hose silo instead of mobile silo.

Contractor Florian Mähr with green Unimog U 529 in shredding operation.

He is a second-generation contractor: Florian Mähr from Schlier near Ravensburg loves his job. "My father practically put the trade into my cradle," he says. In the meantime his son, who has the same first name as his father, has also joined the business. The Mähr family unites a great passion: working with the Unimog. Since the spring, a green Unimog U 529 (286 hp) has enriched the fleet.

Good team: Unimog and MB-Trac.

Florian Mähr and his son, who will lead the company into the third generation, are having particular fun when they go out to work in the fields with the Unimog U 529 and their MB-Trac 1800. The equipment of their new Unimog is fully geared to agricultural use: Tyre pressure control system, rear power lift, mechanical rear PTO and not to forget the large 495 tyres. Practical: the spiral fan, typical for the Unimog. "Maintenance and servicing are considerably cheaper than with a conventional tractor", says Florian Mähr. According to him, an oil change on the Unimog is only due about every 1,400 hours. "On the tractor, the interval is much shorter."

For around ten years, the new Unimog U 529 will accompany the Mährs. Completely new challenges will be added for father and son: "We have not yet been able to gain any experience in winter maintenance. However, we are currently sounding out snowplough and gritting machine suppliers," reveals Florian Mähr. Mulching with the Unimog will also be included in the portfolio next year. "The Unimog is the very best for our company! So he says and dashes off again – to the next customer's hose press.

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