Professional vehicle for the
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The Unimog is the best choice for contractors in agricultural operations.

The days are getting longer, the grass is growing and the temperature is climbing – for farmers, spring is the wake-up call for a new, demanding and work-intensive season. At the same time, structural change in the industry means greater challenges. The number of agricultural businesses in Germany has diminished by around 40 percent since the start of the millennium. Partly as a result of that, the area of agricultural land per business has grown from an average of 36.3 ha to 58.6 ha, which now leaves farmers to maintain one third more ground than before. Service providers and contractors who help with harvesting, fertilising, crop spraying and ground preparation are therefore gaining in importance. A reliable partner by their side: the Unimog.

The Unimog offers the best basic conditions for flexible operations and rapidly changing between various different applications. Together with numerous bodybuilders, Mercedes-Benz has developed a broad range of vehicle and implement combinations for agricultural use. As part of a live demonstration in Rendsburg, Unimog vehicles equipped for agricultural operations took each other on head-to-head.

Did you know?

Each year in Germany, 500 million tonnes of agricultural goods are transported – and this trend keeps on growing!

Mercedes-Benz supports contractors and service providers.

Unimog delivers impressive performance and top levels of equipment. Besides its environmentally friendly Euro VI engine, the vehicles can optionally be adapted to the user's requirements through numerous additions . To ensure fatigue-free shifting, a transmission variant featuring AutomaticShift is available.  Mechanical PTO shafts, rear and front-mounted power lifts, the Tirecontrol plus tyre pressure control system or the stepless hydrostatic traction drive serve to additionally optimise the Unimog for the most demanding of tasks on and alongside the fields.

Unimog in agriculture: That's how efficiency works.

Unimog fleet with broad scope of use.

Agricultural work requires individuality and efficiency – the Unimog from Mercedes-Benz unites both. In Rendsburg, various Unimog models were put to the test to demonstrate the all-rounder's capabilities. Among them were implement carrier models of the Unimog U 430, U 529 and U 530 model series, equipped with:

  • Butterfly mowing combination (Kuhn)
  • Tandem tipper (Mammut)
  • Tridem push-off trailer (Fliegl)
  • Baler (Case)
  • Sprayer trailer, disc harrow and cultivator (Amazone)
  • Four-rotor swather (Claas)
  • Dolly slurry semitrailer (Kumm)
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Unimog as a butterfly mower combination.

Impressive example from the current agricultural vehicles: the Unimog with butterfly combination including mowers mounted at the front and rear. The implement solution makes it possible to mow across a width of up to 9 m and at speeds up to 18 km/h. Thanks to the large swing angle to the left and right, as well as vertically, the combination offers a particularly appealing variable ground adjustment.

To operate this implement, power lifts and PTO shafts are required. Also needed is a 12-volt electrical connection at the rear for the replication of the tail lamps, as well as hydraulic connections for folding together the implement.

Base vehicle with reliable interfaces.

The Unimog is the ideal base vehicle for a variety of equipment variants. Ex-factory, the all-rounder features numerous interfaces which make possible both the attachment and installation of implements, as well as the reliable operation of implement solutions. Practical work exercises and test stations also demonstrated this in Rendsburg.

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