Unimog in agriculture:
That's how efficiency works.

Agricultural professional Unimog is versatile, safe and efficient.

With its modern Mercedes-Benz drive technology the Unimog is a leader in environmental friendliness and efficiency. The Unimog boasts outstanding performance and payload with compact dimensions and can be used with great versatility in various types of application. Its innovative operating concept and the comfortable cab meet high standards of ergonomics and safety.

Economical workhorse for field and road.

Experience in the video how the Unimog enables efficient working for contract companies in plowing and logistical issues.

Watch more videos on the Unimog in agricultural use:

Unimog advantages at a glance

  • High transport speeds up to 89 km/h
  • Efficient transportation thanks to high payload
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • Efficient Euro VI engines, Euromot IV available on request
  • Agricultural/forestry vehicle so no toll charges or Sunday ban
  • Equipment can be attached front and back thanks to hydraulic system and factory-fitted rear power take-off shaft
  • All classic agricultural implements can be operated
  • Chassis design ensures comfortable ride and off-road traction
  • Compact dimensions for increased maneuverability when things get tight
  • High utilization potential in municipal and agricultural applications (transport and implements)

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