Special conversion for crop protection operations.

Unimog U 5023 self-propelled crop sprayer quickly and efficiently in operation for ATR Landhandel.

This Unimog is a really special machine: for five years, the extreme off-road Unimog U 5023 from the Ratzeburg-based company ATR Landhandel GmbH has been providing reliable service in the field of crop protection.

No-compromise configuration.

"Our Dammann conversion is tailored specifically to our requirements," explains Simon Plöhn-Peper, Head of External Economic Relations at ATR. "We opted for the extreme off-road Unimog with long wheelbase. On the one hand, this has allowed us to fit the biggest possible tank with a volume of 4400 litres, and on the other hand, it also enables us to stay mobile in tough terrain." In line with this, ATR Landhandel also opted for 495/70 R24 tyres.

"We were able to realise a no-compromise configuration for this highly flexible self-propelled crop sprayer with its 36-metre work span," adds Simon Plöhn-Peper. "We operate in a radius of up to 60 km around our warehousing facility in Kröpelin, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania for customers who require a crop spraying service provider. And even for covering those larger distances, the Unimog is a great addition to our fleet thanks to its speed."

Tradition in the agricultural trade.

For decades, ATR has used Unimog vehicles. Simon Plöhn-Peper recalls: "There was even already a time when the company had more than ten Unimog trucks operating at the same time."

Unimog fertiliser spreader at Raiffeisen Warengenossenschaft Hildburghausen.

ATR Landhandel is one of the biggest family-owned businesses specialised in the traditional agricultural trade and mixed feed production. 800 employees produce an annual turnover of just under a billion euros. The company is active in Denmark, Germany and Poland, where they have been looking after around 15,000 farmers since its establishment in 1999. Also available online: the company's myAGRAR subsidiary is an online shop for agricultural specialists and offers a huge range of crop protection products and seeds. Farmers can log in around the clock and order any operating materials they need and have these delivered across all of Germany.

Regional services such as crop spraying are carried out by Simon Plöhn-Peper's team of 130 colleagues. They assure operations at more than 80 of the company's warehousing facilities.


A passion for logistics.

"We live for agriculture" is ATR's motto. The company was formed following the merging of three family-run businesses: Arp, Thordsen and Rautenberg who were each strong partners for farmers. The company has now become a highly-modern and agile service provider in this domain. The roots of the individual family-run businesses can be traced back to the 19th century. The company operates six of their own mixed feed production facilities with an annual production capacity of 985,000 tonnes, as well as operating their own shipping line with four sea-going ships, ten port locations and a large logistics fleet. In short, ATR is a real heavyweight contender in this sector.

"Our customers are also our suppliers," explains Simon Plöhn-Peper. "We're big in the field of grain and oilseed acquisition. The farmers supply to us directly from their own fields. We've had very good experience with the Unimog in the logistics area. Unimog U 400 combinations with two 18-tonne trailers are used by us on a regular basis."

And even for covering larger distances,
the Unimog is a great addition to our fleet thanks to its speed.

Simon Plöhn-Peper, Head of External Economic Relations, ATR Landhandel GmbH

The Unimog is even impressive when used for towing.

ATR's Unimog U 5023 was configured in close collaboration with conversion specialist Dammann and the Sietrac Unimog general distributor. It features a 231-hp engine and enjoys its peak season twice a year: in spring and in autumn, the tasks of this machine predominantly involve crop protection. In line with this, the vehicle looks after around 8000 hectares of land.

The Unimog is also regularly used for towing: a Bredal K105 single-axle trailer spreader with hydraulic drive, 10,000-litre capacity and 18-metre working width is towed behind the Unimog and used for spreading lime and granulated fertiliser. "A two-metre climb up here in the flat north of Germany is a bit like climbing the Alps for us," grins Simon Plöhn-Peper. "But even in such conditions, we can put our trust entirely in the Unimog."

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