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The Schulz family optimizes their farm business with the Unimog U 535.

A real family business – the third largest in "Meck-Pomm": The Schulz family relies on heavy equipment to manage their huge fields of maize and grass. The brand new Unimog U 535 with its 345 hp is just the ticket! The allrounder supports the farm's 40-strong team in transporting feed, among other things. The more than 1,000 cows on the farm are still a lot, but the work is easier with the Unimog.

A team effort.

In order to provide 500 heifers and bull calves and 800 dairy cows with the best feed every day, huge areas are required that need to be cultivated.  Andreas Schulz from Ahrenshagen-Daskow in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania has developed an impressive company for this purpose. He farms 1,000 hectares of grass and maize crops together with his 40-strong team. Founded as an LPG (German agricultural production cooperative) in former East Germany, he took over the company in 1991 – with a minor shareholding. Together with his daughter, Christine Schulz, he now owns 100 percent of ADAP Rinderzucht GmbH.

I was enthusiastic about the Unimog U 535 from day one.

Christine Schulz, Farmer

And the former LPG has long since become a real family business – the third largest in Mecklenburg–West Pomerania, affectionately known as “Meck-Pomm”. His daughter Christine joined the company and is the company’s Managing Director. After 12 years with the German Armed Forces, it was a matter of course for her to contribute her expertise as a supply professional to her parents’ business. Her knowledge, which she most recently gained from an air transport squadron, is now of course worth its weight in gold. „As a soldier, I enjoyed driving the Unimog the most. I was impressed by this vehicle from day one,“ enthuses Christine Schulz.

Logistics with the Unimog: simply ideal.

For Christine, it went without saying that she would optimise the farm’s operational logistics. „The conventional agricultural tractors are not designed for driving long stretches on country roads. This costs tyre tread and fuel. With the Unimog, we can now get the feed much more efficiently.“ The cows produce no less than 25 thousand litres of milk – every day. With the assistance of Annaburger’s 2- and 3-axle trailers, tens of tonnes of fresh feed and silage can be collected every day.

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Not to mention supplying the two biogas plants, which the Schulz family also operates. The new Unimog U 535 with 345 hp in green is a real enrichment for the farm. It is equipped with agricultural tyres, a tyre pressure control system and a specially manufactured grain trough – that even protrudes beyond the cab. For safety reasons, two rotating beacons were on the roof. An optimal configuration for cattle farming right up there in the northeast – between Rostock and Stralsund.

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