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Unimog U 535: Upgrade for the all-rounder.

The Unimog U 535 is the new top model among implement carriers. Sascha Voß was immediately impressed by the increased engine output compared with the U 530. Over the last six weeks, he and his team have put the brand-new all-rounder through its paces. And the Unimog U 535's newly increased power didn't go unnoticed.

A test of endurance: the Unimog U 535 in forestry operations.

Sascha Voß is a Unimog fan through and through. This is not surprising, as the forestry and land management entrepreneur has been working with the Unimog since his youth. At just 17, he was already the owner of a Unimog and worked on the all-rounder with much enthusiasm. It's only logical, then, that Team Voß is among the first to test the new Unimog U 535 in forestry operations.

The Goliath among implement carriers.

When tree trunks disappear in a matter of seconds.

In a practice run with the Unimog U 535, Sascha Voß was impressed by the sheer versatility of the Unimog, which has been his passion since his youth. With its mechanical rear PTO shaft, it is ideally equipped for working with a chipper or stone cutter, which Voß and his team use every day.

The team is also impressed by the new, more powerful engine when chopping wood – variants between 140 and 260 kW (190 to 350 hp) are now available. For 25 m3 of wood to be chopped, Sascha Voß now only needs 30 minutes instead of 40. Great not just for him, but his customers too.

The powertrain has been significantly reinforced in order to be able to transfer the increased engine output. The increased output can also be fully called up at the mechanical rear PTO shaft. The cooling output is dimensioned in such a way that a very good cooling output of the drive is guaranteed even at standstill.

Further data on the Unimog U 535.

  • Max. permissible gross vehicle weight: 16.5 tonnes
  • Engine: OM 936
  • Cylinders: 6
  • Output: 260 kW (354 hp)
  • Wheelbase: 3,900 mm
  • Angle of approach/departure: 35°
  • Turning circle: 16.9 m
  • Clear view driver's cab and seating position behind the front axle
  • Permanent all-wheel drive with lockable longitudinal differential

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