Champion climber
delivering energy.

The Unimog U 530 of VITOGAZ, the liquid gas supplier, delivers heating material to inaccessible regions.

It is very important for energy suppliers to deliver heat and electricity to people in remote areas. There are some roads and tracks in the upper Alps which large vehicles will never be able to navigate. Where heavy vehicles fail at tight bends, the Unimog goes up and down steep gradients with power and agility. By extending its vehicle fleet by a powerful Unimog U 530, VITOGAZ Switzerland AG, the leading supplier of liquid gas in Switzerland, has found an effective solution for difficult delivery routes.

Demanding mountain routes are all in its everyday work.

With its fleet of around 50 vehicles, VITOGAZ supplies liquid gas to more than 400 customers daily. This includes households and companies located on steep mountain roads or only reachable via winding tracks. Here, the specially equipped all-rounder comes into its own and outdoes all traditional gas tank vehicles we have known up until now.


Safe technology at work in the Alps.

The white powerhouse gives an impressive performance in its daily work, showing it is an excellent all-terrain utility vehicle for offroad use: With its long wheelbase and agility, it's perfect for the Swiss mountains and their tight bends: thanks to its steerable front and rear axles, it has an unbeatable turning circle of only 7.5 m. With its special tyres and generous ground clearance, it can safely master the roughest terrain such as scree, loose rocks and snow.

The Goliath among the Unimog implement carriers.

But the agility of this gas delivery vehicle does not mean a loss of output, because the Unimog can pull a heavy load too. With 300 hp under the bonnet, the Unimog U 530 is the largest and most powerful of the Mercedes-Benz implement carriers, and it demonstrates an astounding climbing capacity even with a heavy trailer load.


Aiming high – and delivering there reliably.

The efficient all-rounder not only manoeuvres its tanks into the farthest corners, but is also shows its particular prowess on the last metres: it is equipped with an extra-long gas pipe with which it can overcome obstacles such as steep slopes, stairs and fences. The highly-trained VITOGAZ drivers control and value the tank technology of the white climbing expert, and also its special handling. The Unimog U 530 delivers daily – to places others cannot reach. 


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