Extra performance for the energy industry.

Unimog through thick and thin. Regardless of the weather.

In the energy industry, the advantages of the Unimog really come into their own. Extremely good off-roading characteristics and high implement carrying competence make the Unimog an all-round genius – numerous energy providers around the world are already impressed by its performance.

Safe in any terrain.

The Unimog U 4023/U 5023 brings teams, materials and heavy machinery to the most isolated of places – perfect for when you need to check for storm damage, lay new cables, or carry out maintenance work. Be it on sand, scree, mud or snow, the extreme off-roader masters any type of terrain. All-wheel drive, single tyres, the TireControl plus central tyre inflating system and differential locks ensure maximum traction off the beaten track. But it is above all its ground clearance of up to half a metre which helps the Unimog most when driving off-road.

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Working up high.

Even in the construction and maintenance of overhead lines, the Unimog is clearly at home. With 27 mt, the loading crane of the Unimog U 527 implement carrier can raise even the heaviest of loads. Work can even take place in the most extreme of off-road terrain thanks to a front-mounted winch.

Equally suited to any type of ground: the Unimog U 218 implement carrier. With a width of just 2.30 m (including body) and a height of 3.60 m, it is both compact and manoeuvrable. Your teams can thus be taken swiftly to the location and can work even in the tightest of spaces. The energy supply and customer satisfaction are thus guaranteed, even in emergencies.

In the video: Unimog in operation for a French energy provider.

Withstands the toughest conditions – even in mining applications.

There's hardly any other field of application which requires more from man and machine than mining. Even there, the Unimog champions any challenge. "The U 5023 vehicles are the workhorses of the mines," explains Jörg Rübsteck, head of technical procurement services at RWE-Power. "They allow us to get to places where other vehicles simply give up, and that with our heavy machinery."

Lignite mining in Lusatia in eastern Germany relies on the new Unimog with its extreme off-road capability.

Whether water pumps need replacing or repair work needs carrying out on the colossal bucket-wheel excavators, the Unimog can be used universally. A crane body, its robust construction and its payload of 14.5 t permissible gross combination weight make it possible.

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